Crosaire No 14976 by Crossheir – Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wed, Jan 2, 2013, 23:59



8 Intelligence agency (CI-A-) admits scoundrel (scoundrel = -CAD-) (CICADA) provides noisy summer buzzer (CICADA),

9 It’s a setting (place setting = PLACE MAT) to spot (spot = PLACE) Matt (MAT) say (PLACE MAT)

10 Hotel (H-) outrage (-IRE) (HIRE) with recruit (HIRE),

11 Stretch (stretch = SPACE-) found in court (-SUITS) (SPACESUITS) for those over the moon (SPACESUITS),

12 It’s hot (CHILLI) to bank (bank = -HILL-) in Channel Islands (C-I) (CHILLI),

14 Final shot (final shot = NIGHT CAP) in the dark (NIGHT) near Cork (cork = CAP) (NIGHT CAP),

15 Have a ball (PAINT THE TOWN RED) with revolutionary decree? (PAINT THE TOWN RED),

18 Worships (IDOLISES) provided golden calf (IDOL-) is (-IS-) changing direction (direction southeast = SE = -ES) (IDOLISES),

20 Article (THE-) on relative (-SIS) (THESIS) requirement at end of study (THESIS),

22 Create pulp (create pulp = PERCEPTUAL) generating innate awareness (PERCEPTUAL),

24 Men about town (FOPS) provided foreign office (Foreign Office = FO) with final short comment (final short comment = postscript = -PS) (FOPS),

25 They hatch a plot (SCHEMERS) for barmen (bar men = SCs = SC-S) to cover up gas (Helium gas = -HE-) on French sea (sea = -MER-) (SCHEMERS),

26 Pay tribute to (SALUTE) African country (SA-) reporting loot (-LUTE) (SALUTE).


1 Denouement (FINISH) for film ending in Paris (film ending in Paris / in French = FIN-) is (-IS-) at end of March (end of March = -H) (FINISH),

2 Clearance in shop (SALE) for Sikh leader (leader of Sikh = S-) on the drink (-ALE) (SALE),

3 What artist might wear (smock/loose dress = DAY SHIFT) working during the morning? (DAY SHIFT),

4 Private investigator (-PI-) in motoring organisation (A-A) (APIA) provides capital for Western Samoa (capital city = APIA),

5 Graduate (BA-) of French (of = -D E-) picks up horse (-GG) found in henhouse perhaps (BAD EGG is found in henhouse perhaps),

6 Dealt with lecture (lecture = RELUCT-E) covering ANC (-ANC-) (RELUCTANCE) with second thoughts (RELUCTANCE),

7 Temple (temple = FA-NE) takes in holy man (-ST-) going to American city (-LA-) (FAST LANE) for hectic lifestyle (FAST LANE),

13 Got ashore (got ashore = landed = LAND-ED) over canal (-LOCK-) (LANDLOCKED) for fish out of water in field? (LANDLOCKED),

14 Requires (requires = NEEDS) USA to leave Sudanese (‘USA’ leaves ‘Sudanese’ = dnese = NEEDS),

16 The house (‘the house’ in theatre = AUDIENCE) viewers? (viewers = AUDIENCE),

17 Upstage (OUTCLASS) what teacher says to pupils at end of term perhaps (out class = OUTCLASS),

19 Local Garda supervisor (superintendent = ‘the super’ = SUP-ER) rings Penny (-P-) (SUPPER) for late dinner (SUPPER),

21 Associate with (IMPUTE) the first person (I-) to go with me (-M-E) over the place (place = -PUT-) (IMPUTE),

23 Right (-R-) in America (U-SA) (URSA) to bear star (the Great Bear = URSA Major),

24 Feeling after dinner (FULL) is loaded (FULL).