Crosaire No 14975 by Crossheir – Monday, December 31, 2012

Mon, Dec 31, 2012, 23:59



8 Please turn over (P-TO) sheltering Ronald (-RON-) (PRONTO) on the double (PRONTO),

9 Mother (Ma = AM-) turns up at Heather’s (Erica is commonly known as heather = -ERICAS) (AMERICAS) with connections either side of Panama (AMERICAS),

10 Postscript (P-S) covers note (music note E = -E-) with love (-O-) (PESO) from Mexican capital (capital = money = PESO),

11 Averages (MEANS) at exams (TESTS) (MEANS TESTS) is about checking everybody’s welfare (MEANS TESTS),

12 Exchange rate mechanism (Exchange Rate Mechanism = -ERM-) in Hell (P-IT) (PERMIT) with Grant (grant = PERMIT),

14 Make an effort (-TRY) after egg (egg = G-GE-) lands back over father (Da = -AD-) (GADGETRY) with clever ingenious things (GADGETRY),

15 Einstein (MASTER OF SCIENCE), perhaps, with lord (MASTER) of (OF) discipline (SCIENCE) (MASTER OF SCIENCE),

18 Draft (draft = AIR-) on Borneo (Borneo) missing Oscar (o) (‘Borneo’ without ‘o’ = -BORNE) (AIRBORNE) in flight (AIRBORNE),

20 Feel (feel = FE-LE) what it’s like around teetotaller (-TT-) (FETTLE) out of condition (FETTLE),

22 Trinity (UNI-) has way of thinking (way of thinking = -LATERAL thinking) (UNILATERAL) decision to go-it-alone (UNILATERAL),

24 Doctor (DOC-) with cocktail (tail of cock = -K) (DOCK) is in court (DOCK is in court),

25 Nothing (O-) to (-TO-) sweep (-SCOPE) (OTOSCOPE) for taking a look at hearing things (OTOSCOPE),

26 No cash (no cash = NACHOS) problem for starters in Mexican restaurant (NACHOS).


1 American police statement (FREEZE!) provides no charge (FREE-) for Zionist and Egyptian leaders (leaders of Zionist and Egypt = ZE) (FREEZE),

2 At home (IN-) for (for) missing right (r) (‘for” missing ‘r’ = -FO) (INFO) details (INFO),

3 Firm (CO-) with formal man (Mr = -M-R) boxing silent (-MUTE-) (COMMUTER) type on bus (COMMUTER),

4 Indians leave Scandinavia (‘Scandinavia’ without ‘Indians’= caav = CAVA) with sparkling wine (CAVA),

5 Came to an end (CEASED) for Clare (CE-) as (-AS-) editor (-ED) (CEASED),

6 It’s not right (VICE-) gentleman (-G-ENT) admits hesitation (-ER-) (VICEGERENT) to God’s man on earth (VICEGERENT),

7 Sharp (TART-) article (-A-) on old police force (Royal Irish Constabulary = -RIC) (TARTARIC) leaves a sour taste (TARTARIC),

13 Small weather office (Meteorological office = MET) to abolish (abolish) high sign (h) missing (‘abolish’ missing ‘h’ = -ABOLIS-) on Monday (-M) (METABOLISM) – it’s how the system works (METABOLISM)

14 For landing fish (GAFF-) near Spain (-E) (GAFFE), it’s seen as an embarrassment (GAFFE),

16 Drive a wedge between (ALIENATE) extraterrestrial (ET = ALIEN-) making tea (tea = -ATE) (ALIENATE),

17 Copper (CU-) goes to party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) with tie (tie = -LINK) (CUFFLINK) useless with short-sleeve shirt (CUFFLINK),

19 Artist (RA-) gets it (it = -TI-) back on (-ON) (RATION) percentage (RATION),

21 Reader (LECTOR) at the French (the = LE-) court (court) could be missing you (u) (‘court’ missing ‘u’ = cort = -CTOR) (LECTOR),

23 Make a big stink (REEK) for European (Greek) losing head (‘Greek’ without head/first letter = REEK),

24 Looking back, university (university = TCD = DC-T) admits uranium (U) (DUCT) in pipeline (DUCT).