Crosaire No 14974 by Crossheir – Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sun, Dec 30, 2012, 23:59



1 2012, 2013 … (YEAR AFTER YEAR) it happens every 12 months repeatedly (YEAR AFTER YEAR),

10 Take out (EXTRACT) former girlfriend (EX-) to Irish beach (beach = -TRA-) for scan (-CT scan) (EXTRACT),

11 Unrefined (RAW-) place you won’t be seen (a hide = -HIDE) (RAWHIDE) without a tan (untanned leather = RAWHIDE),

12 Galloped  (R-AN) over nothing (-O-) (ROAN) with horse (ROAN),

13 Writer (PEN-) goes to American city (-NY) (PENNY) with old currency (PENNY),

15 Sounds like fan (WHIR) of west (W-) has friendly greeting (-HI-) for redhead (head of red = -R) (WHIR),

17 Revolutionary (RED) with bar (bar) forbidden to enter (barred = RED),

19 That one (YON-) with the German (the = -DER) (YONDER) over there (YONDER),

21 Sounds like there’s no wages (PAY OFF) for bribe (PAYOFF),

22 Throws (LOBS-) to Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE-) recipe (-R) (LOBSTER) for seafood (LOBSTER),

23 Writer (ED-) and lawyer (-BL-) swallow one (-I-) quarter (quarter = a division of compass = East = -E) (EDIBLE) of what’s okay to eat (EDIBLE),

25 Faulty saunas (saunas = NASSAU) near paradise resort (Paradise Island / NASSAU resort),

27 Keep head down (BOW) for decoration (BOW),

29 Ernst leaves strongest (‘strongest’ without ‘ernst’ = stog = TOGS) swimming gear (TOGS),

30 Sounds like score is possible (the TRY is ON = TRY ON) – how’s that for size? (TRY ON),

31 Skinhead (head of skin = S-) not well (-ILL) (SILL) under the window (SILL),

34 Closing in on (NEARING) direction (direction northeast = NE-) to a (-A-) gang (-RING) (NEARING),

35 Barman (bar man = BL-) from weasel’s family (-OTTER) (BLOTTER) dries up writing (BLOTTER),

36 2013 (YEAR) at home (IN) and 2014 (YEAR) elsewhere (OUT)? It never changes over time (tedious regularity = YEAR IN YEAR OUT).


2 Nine (nine = EN-IN) return over Irish beach (beach = -TRA-) (ENTRAIN) to get on board (ENTRAIN),

3 Bring up (REAR up) right (R-) listener (-EAR) (REAR),

4 Chubby (FAT-)? She (-HER) (FATHER) produces a son (FATHER),

5 Hesitate (ER-) picking up African capital (capital = money = -RAND) (ERRAND) with small mission (ERRAND),

6 It’s boring (YAWN) to open one’s mouth (YAWN)!,

7 Adult (A-) turns it (it = -TI-) to drive away (shoo! = -SHOO) (ATISHOO) warning sound of cold (ATISHOO),

8 AGM (YEARLY MEETING) for 2013 (YEAR-) in Cork (Lee = -LY) we hear is coming together (MEETING) (YEARLY MEETING),

9 It is 12 months (YEAR) to ’04 (O four = OF OUR) for the man above (LORD) (YEAR OF OUR LORD) with ad (AD = Anno Domini = YEAR OF OUR LORD),

14 Carries papers (NEWSBOY) with intelligence (NEWS-) for young man (-BOY) (NEWSBOY),

16 Clare (CE-) fifty-fifty (-LL-) on getting small (-S) (CELLS) accommodations in Mountjoy (CELLS),

18 Copyright (C-) to bring back old sacred site (Tara = -ARAT) (CARAT) for measuring gold (CARAT),

20 Ring (-O-) in about (R-E) (ROE) future swimmers (ROE),

21 Writer (PEN) in American jail (PEN),

24 No pleasing one (ungrateful = INGRATE) with gin (gin = ING-) cocktail measure (-RATE) (INGRATE),

26 Hits USA (hits USA = SHIATSU) generating pressure from Japanese (SHIATSU finger/hand pressure therapy),

27 Brother (BRO-) meets nag (nag = -GAN) coming back (BROGAN) with small Irish shoe (from brógán small Irish shoe = BROGAN),

28 You and I (W-E) cover up makeshift blob (blob = -OBBL-) (WOBBLE) with shake (WOBBLE),

32 Detective (PI-) about (about = – ER) to come back (PIER) to dock (PIER),

33 This time (HOUR) it sounds like it belongs to you and me (belongs to you and me = “our” = HOUR).