Crosaire No 14973 by Crossheir – Friday, December 28, 2012

Fri, Dec 28, 2012, 23:59



1 Say, would it (“would it” = WOODED) be a cover-up with Laurel, Hazel and Holly? (WOODED),

4 Turns up, magazine (mag = GAM-) with connection to ostentatious jewellery (-BLING) (GAMBLING) is taking a chance (GAMBLING),

9 In charge (IC-) going to Spain (-E) with suitcase (BAG) (ICE BAG) for cold pack (ICE BAG),

10 Being in position over golf course (HONORARY position) at no cost (HONORARY),

12 By the way, in France (EN PASSANT) it’s a small measure (EN-) to succeed (-PASS-) worker (worker = -ANT) (EN PASSANT),

13 Germany (DE-) gets at (-AT-) bomb (Hydrogen bomb = H bomb = -H) (DEATH) in passing (DEATH),

14 At last, Renoir (Renoir = -R-IONER) returns to parking (P-) taking in act (-ACT-) close to it (-IT-) (PRACTITIONER) with doctor (PRACTITIONER),

18 Look (SEARCH) in the back of the bus (ENGINE) (SEARCH ENGINE) for yahoo (SEARCH ENGINE),

21 First lady (EV-E) admits father (Da = -AD-) turns up (EVADE) in Dodge (EVADE),

22 Son (son = NOS-) comes back with sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E-) to share (share = -PIECE) (NOSEPIECE) the rest across span of bridge (central part of pair of glasses rests on bridge of nose = NOSEPIECE),

24 American city (LA-) women (-W-) go out with (-COURT) (LAW COURT) body pressing suits (LAW COURT),

25 Last month (the last month = December = DEC-), got tie (tie = -EIT) back (DECEIT) for cheating (DECEIT),

26 Local faces (mugs = MUG’S) willing (GAME) (MUG’S GAME) provided it’s a foolish endeavour (MUG’S GAME),

27 Disturbed absolute darling (angel = ANGLE-) with Romeo (-R) (ANGLER) found by side of river (ANGLER).


1 Take down (WRITE) out of bed (UP-) small (-S) (WRITE-UPS) newspaper articles (WRITE-UPS),

2 Sounds like there’s no secret (OPEN PLAN) to office organisation (OPEN-PLAN),

3 Former girlfriend (EX-) accompanies mother (Ma = -AM-) going back for small (-S) (EXAMS) tests (EXAMS),

5 Revise trophies (trophies = -TROPHISE) behind a (A-) point of sale (point of sale -POS-) (APOSTROPHISE) for writer’s way of saying he owns it (APOSTROPHISE),

6 Brother (BRO-) gets notice (notice = ad = -AD-) to get this baked (baked bean = -BEAN) (BROAD BEAN) in green flat one (BROAD BEAN),

7 At home (IN) and away (away = A WAY) (IN A WAY), in a manner of speaking (IN A WAY),

8 Ain’t going to leave playthings (‘playthings’ without ‘aint’ = plyhgs = GLYPHS) for old pictures holding the words (GLYPHS),

11 This will get one in trouble with ISPCA (BATTERING RAM) for breaking down front door (BATTERING RAM),

15 The (THE-) song (SONG) about me (-ME) (THEME SONG) plays at start of picture (THEME SONG),

16 With respect to distant stars (SIDEREAL), first fifteen (first fifteen = team / SIDE-) not imaginary (-REAL) (SIDEREAL),

17 At the end of my nerves (RECEPTOR) recording (REC-) vinyl (extended-play record  = -EP-) going up the hill (-TOR) (RECEPTOR),

19 Ray (BE-AM) goes around Donegal (-DL-) (BEDLAM) in pandemonium (BEDLAM),

20 Listen secretly (EARWIG) – does this mean the hair around one’s ears is not real?  (EAR WIG),

23 Song of praise (PAEAN) gets Russell (AE Russell) to jump inside kitchen bin (bread pan found inside bread bin = P-AN) (PAEAN).