Crosaire No 14972 by Crossheir – Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thu, Dec 27, 2012, 23:59



8 Mug (CUP-) Oscar (-O-) in American city (-LA) (CUPOLA) with armoured revolving gun turret (CUPOLA),

9 Mob (GANG-) find Leo (Leo = -LION) (GANGLION) a bundle of nerves (GANGLION),

10 Podge leaves pedagogue (‘pedagogue’ without ‘podge’ = eagu = AGUE) with an old form of malaria (AGUE),

11 Sounds like wine estate (Domaine = DOMAIN) celebrity (NAME) (DOMAIN NAME) provides address on Internet (DOMAIN NAME),

12 Compensate for defects of (REDEEM) what’s read (“read” = RED-), say, with ease (Es = -EE-) to Muslim leader (leader of Muslim = -M) (REDEEM),

14 Best time to eat oranges (IN SEASON) is during period when football is played (IN SEASON),

15 Unrealistic idealistic state (CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND) stores computer files (CLOUD-) for crazy person (-CUCKOO-) on open space (-LAND) (CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND),

18 Don’t know what’s happening (CLUELESS) with sign (CLUE-) that’s shorter (-LESS) (CLUELESS),

20 Sounds like the female Arabians (female Arabian horses = “mares” = MAYORS) are running the cities (MAYORS),

22 Turns up if (if = FI-) call (-RING) to railway (railway =  -LINE) (FIRING LINE) puts you in danger of being shot down (FIRING LINE),

24 Put by (-BY) after old city  (UR = RU-) comes up (RUBY) with precious stone (RUBY),

25 Call attention to (Ho! = HO-) girl (-ANNA-) in ship (-S-S) (HOSANNAS) with expressions of joy (HOSANNAS),

26 Urge (ENJOIN) Josephine (-JO-) to get in (-IN) after change of direction (direction = northeast = ne = EN-) (ENJOIN).


1 Confusion (JUNGLE) leads to large (lg = GL) return in June (JUN-E) (JUNGLE),

2 Of course, shout warning (warning shout heard on golf course = FORE) in favour (FOR-) of Spain (-E) (FORE),

3 Be afraid (PAN-IC) to take in democrat (-DEM-) (PANDEMIC) with widespread disease (PANDEMIC),

4 Perhaps 24 across (ruby = A GEM) provides yearly gathering (AG-M) around Europe (-E-) (A GEM),

5 Briefly speaking (briefly speaking = briefs = UNDIES), does this mean to come back from the dead (un dies = UNDIES)?,

6 Barman (bar man = BL-) in (-IN-) Dublin (-D) back lane (ALLEY) (BLIND ALLEY) dead end (BLIND ALLEY),

7 Jeer (BOO-) Montana (-M T-) on it’s own (-OWN) (BOOM TOWN) for being a prosperous place (BOOM TOWN),

13 Can be a clue (a clue = ECU-AL) about lads (-MEN-) in charge (-IC-) (ECUMENICAL) of service for all (ECUMENICAL),

14 At home (IN-), coppers (CUs = -CUS) (INCUS) with bone of listening equipment (INCUS),

16 Snake (snake = LO-OP) catches second class (second letter of ‘class’ = -L-) on edge (-LIP-) (LOLLIPOP) with sucker (LOLLIPOP),

17 Measures resistance (OHMMETER) with surprise (Oh! = OH-) at grand (grand = 1,000 = -M-) lines of poetry (-METER) (OHMMETER),

19 For example (for example = eg = E-G), covers director general (-DG-) at home (-IN-) (EDGING) on border (EDGING),

21 Brother (Br = -R-B-) turns to get caught in a bit (a bit = -A- BIT) (RABBIT) of chat on trivial matters (RABBIT),

23 At home (IN-) with holy man (-ST) (INST) from little foundation (INST),

24 Artist (RA-) says yes in Berlin (yes = -JA) (RAJA) to Indian prince (RAJA).