Crosaire No 14971 by Crossheir – Monday, December 24, 2012

Mon, Dec 24, 2012, 23:59



8 Five (V-) go around (-O-) and around  (-O-) party (-DO-) circle (-O) (VOODOO) for dark arts (VOODOO),

9 Sally (Sally = quip = -QUIP-) found in deep (deep = E-PED) trouble (EQUIPPED) gets ready with right tools (EQUIPPED),

10 It describes the black stuff (INKY) in (IN-) Kerry (-KY) (INKY),

11 Determination (RESOLUTION) for hospital ward (ER =RE-) returning with answer (-SOLUTION) (RESOLUTION),

12 Poorly Peg (Peg = G-PE) catches death wish (-RIP-) (GRIPPE) from old viral disease (GRIPPE),

14 Oscar (O-) to spend one’s life (-LIVE) with crude (OIL) (OLIVE OIL) dressing from Greece (OLIVE OIL),

15 Jacko (JACK O-) goes to America in autumn (America in autumn = fall = -F ALL) with mechanic, plumber (TRADES) (JACK OF ALL TRADES) and handyman (JACK OF ALL TRADES),

18 Had a good look (SEARCHED) for Pip (SE-ED) around arch (-ARCH) (SEARCHED),

20 Alien (ET-) at end of July (end of July = -Y-) finds man in Scotland (-MON) (ETYMON) with earlier form of The Word (ETYMON),

22 Ran (ran = NAR) back to Luxembourg (LU) before January (MONTH) (LUNAR MONTH) roughly every four weeks (LUNAR MONTH),

24 They hang around at night (BATS) for what night watchman does at Lords (the ‘night-watchman’ at Lords bats in the evening’s fading light = BATS),

25 Broken sword (broken sword = broken épée= -EEPE-) found between two roads (ST-ST) (STEEPEST) gets most expensive price (STEEPEST),

26 Loose lips (RUMOUR) reverse our (OUR) spirit (RUM) (RUMOUR).


1 Gain control of (CORNER) pressure spot (CORN-) in hospital ward (-ER) (CORNER),

2 Brad leaves ladybird (‘ladybird’ without ‘Brad’ = lyid = IDLY) with no particular purpose (IDLY),

3 Party (Fianna Fáil =F-F) admits our Lea (our lea = OUR-LEA-) (FOUR-LEAF) is a plant that’s lucky (FOUR-LEAF clover is lucky),

4 It belongs to girl (HERS) with his partner (‘his and hers’ = HERS),

5 The most important centres (NUCLEI) generate clue (clue = -UCLE-) in Ulster (N-I) (NUCLEI),

6 Former drugs dealer (older name for ‘chemist’ = APOTHECARY) distressed old aged pensioner (old aged pensioner = OAP = APO-) with the (-THE-) carry (carry) out, right (r) (‘carry’ without ‘r’ = -CARY) (APOTHECARY)?

7 Exercise (exercise = PE-) to steer (steer = ride = -R-IDE) over farm animal (-OX-) (PEROXIDE) with unnatural hair shade (PEROXIDE),

13 Gave nothing away (POKER FACED) with hands on table (POKER-) to look at (-to FACE) director (-D) (POKER FACED),

14 Greased (OILED) to attract someone’s attention (Oi! = OI-) to the French (the = -LE-) director (-D) (OILED),

16 It’ll do (ADEQUATE) for Bill (AD-) and associate (-EQUATE) (ADEQUATE),

17 Sounds like square (T-square = T = TEE) Polo (Polo SHIRT) (TEE SHIRT) gets airing in summer (TEE SHIRT),

19 Village (HAMLET) play? (HAMLET),

21 Not our (not our = ON TOUR) way out of playing around with band members (ON TOUR),

23 It’s a Knockout (stun = NUTS) returning for fans (NUTS),

24 Albert (Al) leaves album (‘album’ without ‘al’ = BUM-) on loud music (-F) (BUMF) with useless written material (BUMF).