Crosaire No 14970 by Crossheir – Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sun, Dec 23, 2012, 23:59



1 Sounds like the reality is worse (TO PUT IT MILDLY) to (TO) place (PUT) it (IT) aside calmly (MILDLY) (TO PUT IT MILDLY),

10 Operation (OP-) to find media (-PRESS) (OPPRESS) in crush (OPPRESS),

11 Stipulation (PROVISO) in favour of (PRO-) credit card company (Visa) losing article (a) for nothing (o) (‘Visa’ replacing ‘a’ with ‘o’ = viso = PROVISO),

12 Say (ORAL)! Nothing (O-) brings Larry (Lar = -RAL) back (ORAL),

13 Sounds like it’s an instruction to drag her into court (“sue her” = SEWER) for keeping rats (SEWER),

15 Nuts leave solution (‘solution’ without ‘nuts’ = olio = OLIO) in Spanish stew (OLIO),

17 Pat (to pat = to pet = PET) and Jim (Jim = gym = PE-) say go for tea (-T) (PET),

19 Sit (sit = TIS-) back with girl (-SUE) (TISSUE) needing one for a good cry (TISSUE),

21 Looking back, timid (timid = DIM-IT) over occidental (occidental = countries of the West = -W-) (DIMWIT) fool (fool = DIMWIT),

22 Station (SKY television station/channel) unhappy (BLUE) (SKY BLUE) with view of pilot up there (view of pilot up there = SKY BLUE)?,

23 Eat (E-AT-) way into part of queue (part of queue = que = -QU-E) (EQUATE) with associate (EQUATE),

25 Make a loud noise (DIN-) breaking leg (leg = -GLE) (DINGLE) in Kerry (DINGLE),

27 Daniel (Dan = DNA) playing tricks with evidence of life (DNA),

29 Gent’s companion (LADY) ahead of bird in garden (ladybird = LADY),

30 Southeast (SE-) gets green light (-G-O-) to cover Norway (-N-) (SEGNO) with musical repeat sign (SEGNO),

31 At home (IN-) for (for) losing right (r) (‘for’ losing ‘r’ = FO) (INFO) details (INFO),

34 Artists (RA’s = SAR-) come back to have supper (-DINE) (SARDINE) of fish out of can (SARDINE),

35 Unprocessed (RAW) pine (DEAL) (RAW DEAL) gets short end of stick (RAW DEAL),

36 High point of the invoice (TOPPED THE BILL)? Certainly was best in show (TOPPED THE BILL).


2 Public relations officer (PRO = ORP-) returns holding hands (hands = -HANS) reportedly (ORPHANS) of Oliver and his friends (ORPHANS),

3 Take card from crusader (‘crusader’ missing ‘card’ = user = USER) with manipulator (USER),

4 Sounds like it’s inside the staircase (IN STEP) on foot (INSTEP),

5 Weather service (M-ET) admit pup (pup = -UPP-) dealt (MUPPET) with local fool (MUPPET),

6 Turns up old baths (‘baths’ = ‘swimming pool’ = pool = LOOP) produced snake (LOOP),

7 Stayed out of sight (LAID LOW) – is that what the bird did? (laid eggs low = LAID LOW),

8 The best place to see blackboard (TOP OF THE CLASS) with the best pupil (TOP OF THE CLASS),

9 Feeling great (TOP OF THE WORLD) at the North Pole? (TOP OF THE WORLD),

14 You and I (WE-) find hostelry (B&B = -BB-) making gin (gin = -ING) (WEBBING) for spiders’ work (WEBBING),

16 Rank (FUSTY) fellow (F-) with you (-U-) close to messy room (-STY) (FUSTY),

18 Can’t be up for this (LIE-IN) fib (LIE-) at home (-IN) (LIE-IN),

20 Just barely make do (EKE) with sweethearts (heart of sweets [plural] = Es = E-E) surrounding Kathleen (-K-) (EKE),

21 Whatever way you look at it Dudley (DUD), it’s not going to work (DUD),

24 Come in for (UNDERGO) the end of the traffic light (UNDER GO),

26 Man (GENT-)! Swimmer (-EEL) (GENTEEL) is polite (GENTEEL),

27 Hang on (DEPEND) with Germany (DE-) taking power (-P-) to the end (-END) (DEPEND),

28 Short subversive (ANARCH) with first letter (A-) ran (ran = -ANA-) back to church (-CH) (ANARCH),

32 Is (-IS-) in the Worker’s Party (W-P) (WISP) by a thread (WISP),

33 Sailor (able-bodied seaman = -AB) behind course (course/direction southwest = SW-) (SWAB) for cleaning wounds (SWAB).