Crosaire No 14969 by Crossheir – Friday, December 21, 2012

Fri, Dec 21, 2012, 23:59



1 Brief description (SKETCH) of Slovakia (SK-) picking up alien (-ET-) going to Switzerland (-CH) (SKETCH),

4 How you look for something in shop (ASK FOR IT) is to invite trouble (ASK FOR IT), 9 Quickly (quickly = NO TIME) – does this mean the clock has stopped? (NO TIME),

10 Laws (A-CTS) covering party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) going to long island (Long Island = -LI-) (AFFLICTS) torments (AFFLICTS),

12 Skeleton (BONE) found in the East (CHINA) (BONE CHINA) gets displayed on fine table (BONE CHINA),

13 Worker’s leader (leader of worker = W-) takes advantage (-EDGE) (WEDGE) of highest loft in the club (highest loft in the golf club = highest golf club loft = WEDGE)

14 Green light (GO-) for Longford (-LD) to get benchmark (STANDARD) (GOLD STANDARD) of old monetary system (GOLD STANDARD),

18 He’s the Sitting Bull (CHIEF) of (OF) human resources (STAFF) (CHIEF OF STAFF) in general (CHIEF OF STAFF),

21 Leg (LIMB-) round (-O) (LIMBO) to where one waits for God knows how long for resolution (LIMBO),

22 Strong taste (TANG-) gets to sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E-) on Rhine (Rhine) missing hard (h) (‘Rhine’ missing ‘h’ = rine = -RINE) (TANGERINE) Moroccan fruit (TANGERINE),

24 Play area (THE ABBEY Theatre) by the (THE) monastery (ABBEY) (THE ABBEY),

25 Barman (bar man = SC-) takes grass (-REED) (SCREED) provided it’s a long tedious speech (SCREED),

26 The number seven on pitch (the number 7 in rugby is the OPEN SIDE flanker) is Frank (OPEN) with the fringe (the SIDE) (OPEN SIDE),

27 Credit (C-R) covers ones (ones = -ENSO-) affected (CENSOR) by person providing certification (CENSOR).


1 Makeshift band (band = -ANDB-) dropped in sinks (sinks = sags = S-AGS) (SANDBAGS) used by army to hold water (SANDBAGS),

2 Made after tax (net = ENT-) shuffle got slant (-ANGLE) (ENTANGLE) with twist (ENTANGLE),

3 Dandy (Dandy COMIC) is hilarious (COMIC),

5 It’s in the bank (SAFE is in the bank) and (AND), from what we hear (SOUND) (SAFE AND SOUND), in good condition (SAFE AND SOUND),

6 Packed with (FULL) pieces from composer (WORKS) (FULL WORKS) provides whole shebang (FULL WORKS),

7 Move away (RECEDE) from Clare (-CE-) in tangled grass (reed = RE-DE) (RECEDE),

8 Person having morsel before king in olden times (TASTER) says thanks (TA-) on street (-ST-) with hesitation (-ER) (TASTER),

11 Puff (CIGARETTE) on the limit (END) (CIGARETTE END) is never fired up (CIGARETTE END),

15 For feeding the little ones to teacher (feeder SCHOOL BUS), does this mean the sharks (SCHOOL) have something to get around (BUS)? (SCHOOL BUS)?,

16 Trouble (WAR-) in (-IN-) monster’s home (Ness) missing new head (head of new = n) (‘Ness’ without ‘n’ = -ESS) (WARINESS) makes one more cautious (WARINESS),

17 It’s not on (it’s OFF-) to go to the bottom (-END-) of hospital ward (-ER) (OFFENDER) with outlaw (OFFENDER),

19 Supporting film (the B film = B-) for big raffle (-LOTTO) is wasted (BLOTTO),

20 Mother (Ma = AM-) comes back to father in France (Father = -PERE) (AMPERE) with current issue (AMPERE),

23 Take me (me = EM-) back to Clare (-CE-) with European (-E) (EMCEE) to make public announcement (EMCEE / ‘MC’).