Crosaire No 14968 by Crossheir – Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thu, Dec 20, 2012, 23:59



1 Calm down (PACIFY)! Director’s assistant (PA-) has copyright (-C-) altered for your information (for your information  = FYI = -IFY) (PACIFY),

4 Gives the impressions (ETCHINGS) alien (ET-) goes to Switzerland (-CH-) to sing out of sorts (sing = -INGS) (ETCHINGS),

9 It’s a matter of course (ONE-WAY) with no return (ONE-WAY has no return),

10 Bill (bill = account = AC-) finds Cyril’s (Cyril’s = -RYLICS) fabricated (ACRYLICS) paints (ACRYLICS),

12 Brings good luck (HORSESHOE) to go on foot at races (HORSESHOE),

13 Clear (RID-) Germany (-GE) (RIDGE) of high pressure (RIDGE = atmospheric high pressure),

14 Sounds like King’s Inn (King’s Inn = “counsel house” = COUNCIL HOUSE) in City Hall (COUNCIL HOUSE),

18 Room for God (HOLY OF HOLIES) is especially sacred (HOLY OF HOLIES),

21 What the priest does (ORATE) is nothing (O-) at this rate (-RATE) (ORATE),

22 Revolutionary (HO CHI MINH) expresses surprise (Ho! = HO-) at Greek letter (CHI) backing him (him = MI-H) to include new leader (leader of New = -N-) (HO CHI MINH),

24 Taking great care (GINGERLY) to spice (GINGER-) Gypsy Rose finale we hear (finale of Gypsy Rose is Lee = -LY) (GINGERLY),

25 Head of family (matriarch) exchanges arch (arch) for kiss (kiss =X) (replace ‘arch’ with ‘x’ in ‘matriarch’ = MATRIX) of rock with embedded fossils (MATRIX),

26 Takes care of me reportedly (MINDS me = MINDS I = MINDS EYE) with insider having a deeper look (MIND’S EYE),

27 Carries DNA (GENE-) to Virginia (-VA) (GENEVA) out of city in Alpine country (GENEVA).


1 It’s a prediction (PROPHECY) in favour of (PRO-) himself (-HE-) getting into political correctness (PC = -P-C-) before end of July (end of July = -Y) (PROPHECY),

2 In good spirits (CHEERFUL), revolutionary (CHE-) to express hesitation (-ER-) for what’s more than half full (more than half of ‘full’ = ful = -FUL) (CHEERFUL),

3 Shaving (FLAKE) by foreign (F-) pool (-LAKE) (FLAKE),

5 Where one buys seats (TICKET OFFICE) for list of election candidates (TICKET) at place of work (OFFICE) (TICKET OFFICE),

6 Sounds like silage (hay = HEY) near poster (poster = PRESTO) not exactly (HEY PRESTO) words of magic (HEY PRESTO),

7 Dana is (Dana is = NAIADS) mixed up with water nymphs (NAIADS),

8 Realised (SUSSED) you and me (-US-) in ship (S-S) met Edward (ED) (SUSSED),

11 Inclined to go up and down (-HILLY-) in ship (S-S-) lobby (-HALL) at end of January (end of January = -Y) (SHILLY-SHALLY) provided it is indecisive (SHILLY-SHALLY),

15 Shut off (CLOSE-) way to lake with monster (Loch Ness = -NESS) (CLOSENESS) provided it’s near to us (CLOSENESS),

16 Life (life) comes up short (short ‘life’ = lif = FIL-) for one (-I-) getting to greet (greet) mostly (most of ‘greet’ = gree = -GREE) (FILIGREE) ornamental lacework perhaps (FILIGREE),

17 African country in return (SA = AS-) admits crooked pixy (pixy = -P-YXI-) with surprise (Ha! = -H-A) (ASPHYXIA) takes one’s breath away (ASPHYXIA),

19 Wild West city (DODGE-) has motorway (-M) (DODGEM) bumper (bumper car = DODGEM car),

20 Looking back, local idiot (nit = T-IN) admits girl (-ANN-) (TANNIN) responsible for aging red wine (TANNIN),

23 Silly! (INANE) It would be insane (insane) admitting direction (s) (therefore ‘insane’ without ‘s’ = INANE).