Crosaire No 14967 by Crossheir – Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wed, Dec 19, 2012, 23:59



1 Kidnap (ABDUCT) sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB-) on canal (-DUCT) (ABDUCT),

4 It’s only good for a short period (EPHEMERA) to return gym (PE = EP-) to border (-HEM-) generation (-ERA) (EPHEMERA),

9 On the surface (AFLOAT), article (A-) is on St Patrick’s Day parade exhibit (-FLOAT) (AFLOAT),

10 Sailing ship (MAN-OF-WAR) for Genghis Khan perhaps (MAN OF WAR),

12 Result of taking drugs (HIGH) near music venue (POINT) (HIGH POINT) at North Pole perhaps (HIGH POINT),

13 A (A-) graduate (-BA-) paper (Financial Times = -FT) (ABAFT) behind stern of a ship (ABAFT),

14 Gentlemen (MEN-) get older (-AGE) article (A) on riots (riots = TROIS) in order (MENAGE A TROIS) to keep house with wife’s lover (MENAGE A TROIS),

18 It’s obvious (CRYSTAL CLEAR) glass (CRYSTAL glass) is plain (CLEAR) (CRYSTAL CLEAR),

21 Looking back, a shopping centre in New York (a mall = LLAMA) perhaps produces its own wool (LLAMA),

22 Tom (CAT-) prepared chimes (chimes = -ECHISM) (CATECHISM) for articles of faith (CATECHISM),

24 Sounds like the turmoil (WAR) of sitting old exam (INTER) perhaps (INTER WAR) between 1918 and 1939 (INTERWAR),

25 Invest (ORDAIN) in the picture of Dorian (Dorian = ORDAIN),

26 Grow (grow) without direction (direction west = w) (‘grow’ without ‘w’ = gro – GRO-) near barman (bar man = -SC-) and bird (-HEN) (GROSCHEN) in old capital of Austria (capital = money = old Austrian GROSCHEN),

27 Association (Football Association = FA-) to secret affiliation (-CIA-) with labour leader (leader of Labour = -L) (FACIAL) gets the muddy treatment? (FACIAL mud treatment)


1 Article (AN-) sent to teetotaller (-A-A) admits the (-THE-) Frenchman (-M-) (ANATHEMA) is offensive (ANATHEMA),

2 Politician (politician = TD = D-T) comes back over Nigel and I (Nigel and I = – ILIGEN-) misrepresented (DILIGENT) as hardworking (DILIGENT),

3 Crowd (CRAM-) into parking space (-P) (CRAMP) with shooting pain (CRAMP),

5 Sounds like it’s instruction to smear (PLASTER) companies (CASTS) (PLASTER CASTS) involved in making shapes (PLASTER CASTS),

6 Self-confidence (EGO-) man! (-MAN-) One (-I-) account (-AC) (EGOMANIAC) of my obsession with myself (EGOMANIAC),

7 Broken writer (pen = EN-P) admits it’s somewhat raw (raw = -WRA-) (ENWRAP) to go all the way around (ENWRAP),

8 Russell (AE-) on percentage (-RATE) (AERATE) to add fizz (AERATE),

11 Sidney (Sid = DIS-) comes back to identify (-ASSOCIATE) (DISASSOCIATE) cut off (DISASSOCIATE),

15 Jerry (Jerry = GERI-) announced a (-A-) trick (trick), for the most part (most of ‘trick’ = tric = -TRIC) (GERIATRIC), relating to the elderly (GERIATRIC),

16 Make a mess of rite (rite = TERI-) to get Kathleen (Kay = -yak-) to come back for independent (-I) (TERIYAKI) Japanese dish (TERIYAKI),

17 Credit (CR-) one (-I-) making Milan (Milan = -MINAL) (CRIMINAL) the culprit (CRIMINAL),

19 Affair (fling = FL-ING) around Fourth of July (fourth letter of July = -Y-) (FLYING) takes one off one’s feet (FLYING),

20 Actors (actors = CASTRO) production found in West Indies (CASTRO found in Cuba in West Indies),

23 Looking back, account (AC = CA) for old force (RIC) (CIRCA) around this time (CIRCA).