Crosaire No 14966 by Crossheir – Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tue, Dec 18, 2012, 23:59



8 Football association (F-A-) admits carpet (-RUG-) length (-L) (FRUGAL) is too tight (FRUGAL),

9 Is it a secret (WELL-KEPT secret) how the governor describes the prisoners (WELL-KEPT)?

10 Swot (swot = TWOS) made to look like those terrible children (terrible TWOS),

11 Appeal (PLEA-) to holy (saintly) one (i) missing (‘saintly’ missing ‘i’ = santly = -SANTLY) (PLEASANTLY) nicely (nicely = PLEASANTLY),

12 Quick look (SHUFTI) to say nothing (Sh! = SH-) to you (-U-) in a careless fit (fit = -FTI) (SHUFTI),

14 It’s crucial (KEY) to call (RING-) on Sunday (-S) (KEY RINGS) for what the jailor has perhaps (KEY RINGS),

15 Time of the year where one is free (INDEPENDENCE DAY) to take liberty (INDEPENDENCE) with type of trader (DAY trader) (INDEPENDENCE DAY),

18 Backing Ulster (NI = IN), shed implements (SPADES) (IN SPADES) to a very high degree (IN SPADES),

20 Good News (GOSPEL)! Green light (GO-) for season (spell) without novice (learner = l) (‘spell’ without ‘l’ – spel = -SPEL) (GOSPEL),

22 Germany (DE-) gets media (-PRESS-) to look at worker (-ANT) (DEPRESSANT) with sleeping pill (DEPRESSANT),

24 Out of bed (UP-), one (one) misses sweetheart (heart of sweet = e) (‘one’ without ‘e’ = on = -ON) (UPON) following fairytale beginning (once) (‘upon’ follows ‘once’: Once UPON a time…),

25 Quay in Dublin (ASTON-) is (-IS-) close to hospital (-H) (ASTONISH) surprise (ASTONISH),

26 At last, looking back, Evita (Evita = A-TIVE) rings Charlie (-C-) (ACTIVE) to describe that keen person (ACTIVE).


1 Make progress (GROW-) with most of article (most of the = -TH) (GROWTH) in development (GROWTH),

2 Goes (goes = EGOS) haywire with Freud’s subjects perhaps (EGOS),

3 A turn over (FLIP) the border (SIDE) (FLIP SIDE) with the other half (FLIP SIDE),

4 Short message (tweet) missing end product (t) (‘tweet’ missing ‘t’ = TWEE) is excessively sentimental (TWEE),

5 It’s over the top (FLASHY) to travel through the air (FL-Y) around endangered tree (-ASH-) (FLASHY),

6 Fleece (SKIN-) various poetic types (-DIVERS) (SKIN-DIVERS) going to great lengths without suits (SKIN-DIVERS),

7 Teetotal organisation (A-A) admits famous traveller (Marco Polo = -POLO-) and solider (-GI-) (APOLOGIA) in defence (APOLOGIA),

13 What did you say (PARDON) after it’s on the house (FREE)? (FREE PARDON) Officially, it wipes the slate (FREE PARDON),

14 Klan starts (Ku Klux Klan = KU-) to go to parties (Dos = -DOS) (KUDOS) for the glory (KUDOS),

16 It’s rubbish (NONSENSE) for the French to state no (no = NON-) reason (-SENSE) (NONSENSE),

17 Sounds like you wear this to bed (NIGHTCAP) with short one perhaps (NIGHTCAP),

19 To get the right spirit (DISTIL), put lid (lid = D-IL) back over one with gold (one with gold = first prize = 1st = -IST-) (DISTIL),

21 Love (love = EVOL-) over European victory (-VE) (EVOLVE) will develop slowly (EVOLVE),

23 Miner leaves machinery (‘machinery’ without ‘miner’ = achy = ACHY) suffering from dull pain (ACHY),

24 Put another way (put = UPT-), Oscar (-O) (UPTO) is capable of it (UPTO).