Crosaire No 14965 by Crossheir – Monday, December 17, 2012

Mon, Dec 17, 2012, 23:59



8 Band (HOOP-) goes to Californian city (-LA) (HOOPLA) in fanfare (HOOPLA),

9 It’s very claustrophobic (CLOSED-IN) being so near (CLOSE-) to the editor (-ED-) at home (-IN) (CLOSED-IN),

10 Turned out from (from = FORM) class (FORM),

11 Run about (runabout = -CAR-) behind pub (BAR-) to hear sounds from bullfight (-OLES) (BARCAROLES) sung on canal (BARCAROLES),

12 First person (ME-) with tie (-TIE-) right (-R) (METIER) knows the job (METIER),

14 I’ll (-ILL-) follow Frenchman (Monsieur = M-) to run (-RACE) (MILLRACE) channel that spins the wheel (MILLRACE),

15 Smoke (CIGARETTE) tests (PAPERS)! Sounds like a dossier on tobacco (CIGARETTE PAPERS)?,

18 The Branch (OFF-SHOOT) is rotten (rotten = OFF-) at making hoots (hoots = -SHOOT) (OFF-SHOOT),

20 Theologian (Doctor of Divinity = DD = D-D) catches eBay (ebay = -AY BE-) doctor (DAY BED) lying in hospital (DAY BED),

22 In a way, calms (calms = -CLASM) down behind sign (ICON-) to order (-O-) (ICONOCLASM) attack on cherished beliefs (ICONOCLASM),

24 Copper (CU-) to be (-BE) (CUBE) found in the fridge with ice (ice cube = CUBE),

25 Bloodline (PEDIGREE) gives some dogs a liking for this before 24 down (chum = PEDIGREE Chum dog food),

26 Gender (NEUTER) gives it away? (it  = NEUTER).


1 Coquettish behaviour (COY-) means nothing (-O-) to Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE) (COYOTE) with wild dog (COYOTE),

2 Odds on two-year-old (Starting Price = SP-) setting mother (Ma = -AM) up (SPAM) on computer is pure junk (SPAM),

3 Jeer (jeer = J-REE) crazily over a (-A-) dishevelled mob (mob = -MBO-) (JAMBOREE) of scouts getting together (JAMBOREE),

4 It leaves Mark (mark = SCAR) with barman (bar man = SC-) getting first letter (-A-) registered (-R) (SCAR),

5 Reason for not playing (NO BALL) is extra (‘extra’ in cricket = NO BALL),

6 Small demonstration (DEMO-) of love in Ireland (love = -GRA) for Murphy’s end (end of Murphy = -PHY) (DEMOGRAPHY) is statistically a matter of life and death (DEMOGRAPHY),

7 Takes away sound (SILENCER) of what judge says in court (SILENCE-), right? (-R)

13 At home (IN), sailor (AB-) sent (-SENT-) back first class (AI = -IA) (IN ABSENTIA) while away (IN ABSENTIA),

14 The moment (MO-) man (man = nam) turned offensive (Vietnam/Nam Offensive = TET Offensive) (MOTET) provided sacred chorus (MOTET),

16 Passed on disease (INFECTED) in (IN-) returning chef (chef = fehc) with no height (h) (‘fehc’ without ‘h’ = fec = -FEC-) to Edward (-TED) (INFECTED),

17 When I’m (I’m = im) involved it’s a hindrance (impediment = PEDIMENT) to triangle found on top of classical structure (PEDIMENT),

19 Nothing (O-) to do with traumas (traumas can leave psychological scars = -SCARS) (OSCARS) sitting in room of actors waiting for name to be called (OSCARS),

21 Representation (EMBLEM) for me (me) coming back either side (ME+ME = EM-EM) of barrister (-BL-) (EMBLEM),

23 That’s the case (AVER) of a (A-) priest (Rev = -VER) turning up (AVER),

24 Alpine state (Switzerland = CH-) to express hesitation (-UM) (CHUM) for bait (CHUM).