Crosaire No 14964 by Crossheir – Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sun, Dec 16, 2012, 23:59



1 Promotion (AD-) opening (-VENT) during the weekends (SUNDAYS) (ADVENT SUNDAYS) before Christmas (ADVENT SUNDAYS),

10 For gathering waste (DUSTPAN) of the French (of the = DU-) against street (-ST-) with container (-PAN) (DUSTPAN),

11 It’s not round (FLAT-) where one sleeps (-BED) (FLATBED) in kind of truck (FLATBED truck),

12 Parisian street (rue = EUR-) turns to job centre (centre of job = -O) (EURO) for capital (capital = money = EURO),

13 Be (B-E) around the Spanish (the = -EL-) lake (-L-) (BELLE) with beautiful girl (BELLE),

15 Sir leaves diaries (‘sir’ leaves ‘diaries’ = diae = AIDE) to right-hand man (AIDE),

17 Regular diode (LED) with the French (the = LE-) depth (-D) (LED),

19 Looking back egg (egg = -GGE-) in 20 down (rut = TU-R) (TUGGER) for one who pulls sharply (TUGGER),

21 Goes on ahead to dance (TOP HAT) with token in monopoly (TOP HAT),

22 Pretentious speech (FUSTIAN) involving first letter (a) would have pact with devil (Faustian) (‘Faustian’ without ‘a’ = FUSTIAN),

23 It’s so popular (RED HOT) it could describe half of 21 down (RED HOT tap) perhaps,

25 Father’s (Pa’s = PAS-) up the hill (-TOR) (PASTOR) with man of God (PASTOR),

27 Dan (Dan = nad) comes back to leave second house (Seanad) (‘Seanad’ without ‘Dan’ = sea  = SEA), in the main (SEA),

29 Across (across = a cross = AX-) to the French (the = -LE) (AXLE) bar on wheels (AXLE),

30 By (B-Y) admitting blunder (-ERR-) (BERRY) gets banana (any fruit that has its seeds enclosed in a fleshy pulp = BERRY),

31 Going (going) to miss one (i) (‘going’ without ‘i’ = gong = GONG) big ringer (GONG),

34 Little people’s song (HEIGH-HO) of resignation (HEIGH-HO),

35 Mind and matter (DUALISM) of the French (of the = DU-) gangster (Al Capone = -AL-) is (-IS-) grand (grand = 1000 = -M) (DUALISM),

36 Nowadays (AD-), it’s a risky project (-VENTURE-) to ship (-SS) back southeast (SE = -ES) (ADVENTURESSES) women in the wild (ADVENTURESSES).


2 Is (-IS-) hothead  (head of hot = -H-) in drag (D-RAG) (DISHRAG) for cleaning plates? (DISHRAG),

3 Catch sight of (ESPY) phishing tool perhaps (phishing = defrauding online/web = e spy = ESPY),

4 Let nun (let nun = TUNNEL) go to the dogs in underground passage (TUNNEL),

5 Peacekeepers (United Nations = UN-) double up (-FOLD) (UNFOLD) to straighten out (UNFOLD),

6 Medic (DR-) expresses assent (-AY) (DRAY) for small truck without sides (DRAY),

7 Is (-IS-) in awkward hobby (hobby = YOBB-H) (YOBBISH) displaying bad behaviour (YOBBISH),

8 Persons expected (ADVENT) with decorations (WREATHS) (ADVENT WREATHS) light one on Sundays in December (ADVENT WREATHS),

9 Commercial (AD-) enterprise (-VENTURE-) eager and willing (-GAME) (ADVENTURE GAME) to follow the leader perhaps (ADVENTURE GAME),

14 Lea (LEA-) has the (-THE-) right (-R) (LEATHER) to go on foot perhaps (LEATHER shoes),

16 Would that be (BE-) hard to see in (-FOG)? (BEFOG) It’s making it obscure (BEFOG),

18 Last letter (Z-) on (-ON-) gangster (-AL) (ZONAL) is a form of defence (ZONAL area),

20 Custer leaves structure (‘Custer’ leaves ‘structure’ = rtu = RUT) in ditch (RUT),

21 Irishman (Pat = TAP) comes back to works in bathroom (TAP),

24 Took time to get to (DALLIED) department head (head of department = D-) in partnership (-ALLIED) (DALLIED),

26 Deceive wife (TWO-TIME) and the pair of them (TWO-) at two-o’clock (-TIME) (TWO-TIME),

27 ’E (-E-) gets covered in black stuff (black stuff = stout = S-T OUT) (SET OUT) from start off (SET OUT),

28 A (A-) jockey (-RIDER) (ARIDER), in a manner of speaking, could do with some water (ARIDER),

32 Looking back Wells (HG Wells = GH-) finds European (-E-) bearing (bearing East = -E) (GHEE) Indian butter (GHEE),

33 University mark (PASS) parking (P-) for fool (-ASS) (PASS).