Crosaire No 14963 by Crossheir – Friday, December 14, 2012

Fri, Dec 14, 2012, 23:59



1 Gym (PE-) set (-SET-) to get a (-A) (PESETA) little Spanish capital from the past (PESETA),

4 Carol (S-ING) admits Pamela (-PAM-) married (-M-) (SPAMMING) annoyance on computer (SPAMMING),

9 A (A-) street (-ST-) with fish (-RAY) (ASTRAY) is wide of the mark (ASTRAY),

10 Sounds completely (wholly) powerless (weak) (“wholly weak” = HOLY WEEK) for the Christians (HOLY WEEK),

12 Sounds like it’s true – so (“true so” = TROUSSEAU) the bride has a bottom drawer (TROUSSEAU),

13 Leo’s cross with Tiger (Leo/lion’s cross with tiger = LIGER) as Long Island (LI-) returns Reginald (reg = -GER) (LIGER),

14 Municipality for no woman (man town = MAN-TOWN) covers up boxing contest (a bout = -ABOUT-) with socialite (MAN-ABOUT-TOWN),

18 Person getting stolen goods (RECEIVER-) with ship (-SHIP) (RECEIVERSHIP) business under court protection (RECEIVERSHIP),

21 Turns up father (Da = AD-) gets some freedom (liberation = -LIB) (AD-LIB) to speak on the hoof (AD-LIB),

22 Writer (AUTHOR-) is (-IS-) going east (-E) (AUTHORISE) to say it’s okay (AUTHORISE),

24 Her (HER-) confused young man (young man = lad = -ALD-) is in charge (-IC) (HERALDIC) of family crests (HERALDIC),

25 The Mediterranean (The Med = THEMED) has a leitmotif (THEMED),

26 Dirtying the water (MUDDYING the water) for Clay (clay = MUD-) on last legs (-DYING) (MUDDYING),

27 Brother (BR-) gets one (-I-) to Edward (-NED) (BRINED) saturated in salty water (BRINED).


1 Amuse oneself (PLAY) with Timothy (-TIM-) at end of June (end of JunE = -E) (PLAYTIME) off work (PLAYTIME),

2 Place (SET) against Spike (POINT) (SET POINT) gets interim result in court (SET POINT in tennis),

3 Irish beach (beach = TRA-) provides postscript (-PS) (TRAPS) with pitfalls (TRAPS),

5 Lower work-rate perhaps (PRODUCTIVITY) as a consequence of  (as a PRODUCT-) dropping routine (routine = act) from activity (take ‘act’ from ‘activity’ = -IVITY) (PRODUCTIVITY),

6 Might take a pilgrimage to America (MAYFLOWER took Pilgrim Fathers to America) before June (MAY is before June = MAY-) for Bloom (bloom = -FLOWER) (MAYFLOWER),

7 Skate over (ICE-) silver (AG-) ecstasy (-E) (ICE AGE) for the big chill (ICE AGE),

8 Green light (GO-) for weekend (end of weeK = -K-) art (-ART) (GO-KART) found at track (GO-KART),

11 It’s about (RE-) new menu (menu = -MUNE-) with share (-RATION) (REMUNERATION) of earnings (REMUNERATION),

15 Be (BE-) close to hospital ward (-ER) to stomach (BELLY) (BEER BELLY) sign of person who loves his six-pack (BEER BELLY),

16 Guy selling barstools perhaps (CHAIR MAN) is on top of the board (CHAIRMAN),

17 With odds on horse (Starting Price = SP-) Lenny (-LEN-) did (-DID) (SPLENDID) fine (SPLENDID),

19 Pandemonium (MAYHEM) after April (MAY is after April = MAY-) arrived on edge (-HEM) (MAYHEM),

20 Function of (F-) American city (-LA-) to find something red (-RED) (FLARED) to burn brightly (FLARED),

23 Alternative (OTHER) is to (to = OT-) get back to her (-HER) (OTHER).