Crosaire No 14962 by Crossheir – Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thu, Dec 13, 2012, 23:59



1 River (PO-) priest (-PP-) finds alien (-ET) (POPPET) is sweet endearing child (POPPET),

4 Tie up securely (BOUND) after diamonds (ICE) (ICEBOUND) frozen solid in freezer (ICEBOUND),

9 Line on map (ISOBAR) is (IS-) for Oscar (-O-) going to pub (-BAR) (ISOBAR),

10 Peacekeepers (United Nations = UN-) of the French (of the = -DU-) go to American city (-LA-) for old book (New Testament = -NT) (UNDULANT) with wave motion (UNDULANT),

12 Sounds like a tight jumper (CLOSE KNIT) from the family with common interests (CLOSE-KNIT family),

13 Trade Union (TU-) gets back Rodney (Rod = -DOR) (TUDOR) in-house (House of TUDOR),

14 Call for silence (Sh! = S-H) around exit (-OUT-) to cowboy film (-WESTERN) (SOUTHWESTERN) set in Kerry direction (Kerry is in SOUTHWESTERN direction),

18 In favour of (PRO-) lease (-LET-) found in opera (-ARIA-) going to Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE) (PROLETARIATE) for the old workers in Rome (PROLETARIATE with ‘E’ is ‘old’ spelling of proletariat),

21 Old firm on the fiddle perhaps (AMATI made violins) before noon (AM-) at (-AT) holiday centre (centre of holiday = -I) (AMATI),

22 Cut down (CHOP-) on local criticism (-STICK) (CHOPSTICK) of single dining utensil (one CHOPSTICK),

24 Disloyally find fault with (BAD MOUTH) river opening (MOUTH) that’s not right (BAD) perhaps (river opening that’s not right = BAD MOUTH),

25 He gives a ring (FIANCE gives a ring to fiancée) to Revenue (finance) disregarding note (n) (‘finance’ without ‘n’ – FIANCE),

26 It’s a game to play (ROUNDERS) in circular (ROUND-) hospital wards (ERs = -ERS) (ROUNDERS),

27 Poland (PL-) vote yes (-AYE-) with Russian leader (leader of Russian = -R) (PLAYER) provided someone keeping eye on defence (a football PLAYER is someone keeping eye on defence).


1 Royalty (PRINCESS) incorporated (-INC-) in the media (PR-ESS) (PRINCESS),

2 In favour of (PRO-) scoundrel (-ROGUE) (PROROGUE) provided it will stop assembly (PROROGUE),

3 First lady (EV-E) admits father (Da = -AD-) turned back (EVADE) to escape (EVADE),

5 Trick (CON-) holy man (-ST-) generating tuition (tuition = -ITUTION) (CONSTITUTION) from fundamental principles (CONSTITUTION),

6 Be (B-E-) around the north (Ulster = -LUSTER-) in order to get right (-R) (BLUSTERER) person with loud voice (BLUSTERER),

7 Whistler leaves daughters-in-law (‘whistler’ leaves ‘daughters-in-law’ = daugna =  -UGANDA) in Africa (UGANDA is in Africa),

8 Senile person (DOTARD) at party (DO-) for sailor (-TAR-) at first of December (first letter of December = -D) (DOTARD),

11 Involved in conversation (INTERLOCUTOR) to disclose tricolour net (tricolour net = INTERLOCUTOR),

15 Hard (HARD-) for one (-I-) to be near gangster (-HOOD) (HARDIHOOD) with old-fashioned daring (HARDIHOOD),

16 Redesigned nicely as (nicely as = SALIENCY) to be conspicuously visible (SALIENCY),

17 Carried on shoulders (NECK-) to exhibit dress (-WEAR) (NECKWEAR) at Ascot (Ascot is a form of NECKWEAR),

19 Be (-BE-) right (-R) behind bar (BAR-) (BARBER) for trimmer (BARBER),

20 Miserable (SAD-) for Lawrence (DH Lawrence = -DH-) to go to you (-U) (SADDHU) for Hindu holy man (SADDHU),

23 Travel across snow (SKI-) to Luxembourg (-L) (SKILL) with proficiency (SKILL).