Crosaire No 14961 by Crossheir – Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wed, Dec 12, 2012, 23:59



1 Provide money for cost (DEFRAY) of the French (of the = DE-) father (-FR-) saying something positive (-AY) (DEFRAY),

4 One (I-) party (-DO-) goes to American city (-LA-) to try (-TRY) (IDOLATRY) veneration of celebrity perhaps (IDOLATRY),

9 Perfectly well (NICELY) for Lee (lee = -LY) we hear to come in behind city on Riviera (NICE-) (NICELY),

10 You and me (US-) go to hospital ward (-ER-) big shot (big shot = -NAME) (USERNAME) for access to computer (USERNAME is for access to computer),

12 The type of music (ROCK-) limited (-BOUND) (ROCK-BOUND) to craggy coastline (ROCK-BOUND),

13 Wriggled like viper (snaked) without direction (s) (‘snaked’ without ‘s’ = NAKED) in the raw (in the raw = NAKED),

14 Sack (FIRE) Greek snakes (HYRA-S) hiding old book (New Testament = -NT-) (FIRE HYDRANTS) in water works (FIRE HYDRANTS),

18 Correspondence arrives from old Soviet on May 1st (RED-LETTER DAY) – it’s a special occasion (RED-LETTER DAY),

21 Commotion (HOO-HA) for who (HOO-) we hear is a laugh (-HA) (HOO-HA),

22 Green light (GO-) to get (-GET-) rest (rest = -TERS) well organised (GO-GETTERS) as high-flyers (GO-GETTERS),

24 Father (Da = AD-) returns to say yes in Berlin (yes = -JA-) to currency (-CENT) (ADJACENT) next door (ADJACENT),

25 Up north (NI = IN-), break up ground (-DIG-) for duck (-O) (INDIGO) with dark blue colour (INDIGO),

26 Darling (HONEY-) buzzes around (-BEE buzzes around) (HONEYBEE) colony dweller (HONEYBEE),

27 Compassion (PATHOS) for Irishman (PAT-) holding on to most of the hose (‘hose’ without ‘e’ = -HOS) (PATHOS).


1 Diamonds (D-) and (-AND-) stiff neckwear (-RUFF) (DANDRUFF) produces flaky skin on top (DANDRUFF),

2 Jack (FACE CARD) provides features (FACE) for joker (CARD) (FACE CARD),

3 Improvise (AD-LIB) for sage to leave bag ladies (‘bag ladies’ without ‘sage’= baldi  = AD-LIB),

5 It’s a drawback (DISADVANTAGE) for Sidney (Sid = DIS-) and father (Da = -AD-) to come back with a good view of something (-VANTAGE) (DISADVANTAGE),

6 In a way Roget lent (Roget lent = LORGNETTE) the opera glasses (LORGNETTE),

7 Looking back, holy man (St = T-S) covers up making Khan (khan = -HANK-) (THANKS) give gratitude (THANKS),

8 Gives in (YIELDS) to sign (‘Yield’ sign = YIELD-) at first of September (first of September = -S) (YIELDS),

11 Taking a good look at books (DUE DILIGENCE) is expected (DUE) ahead of old stagecoach (DILIGENCE) (DUE DILIGENCE),

15 Pecking order (HIERARCHY) provides greeting (HI-) for archery (archery = -ERARCHY) development (HIERARCHY),

16 Sounds like wealthy can’t find work (IDLE RICH) for unemployed (IDLE) rolling in it (RICH) (IDLE RICH),

17 Sounds like James (Jim = GYM) with the heels (SHOES) (GYM SHOES) and plimsoles (GYM SHOES),

19 Beat the living daylights out of (THRASH) mostly the (‘the’ without ‘e’ = TH-) hives (hives = -RASH) (THRASH),

20 Spanish gentleman (DON-) with John (-JON) we hear (DONJON) in castle tower (DONJON),

23 Weight (TON-) on former gamblers (Gamblers Anonymous = -GA) (TONGA) from friendly islands (TONGA is also known as the Friendly Islands).