Crosaire No 14960 by Crossheir – Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tue, Dec 11, 2012, 23:59



8 Come in first (WIN-) with party (-DO-) weight (-W) (WINDOW) for seat on plane (WINDOW seat on plane),

9 Brought bad luck (HOODOOED) to gangster (HOOD-) at love (-O-) circle (-O-) with writer (-ED) (HOODOOED),

10 Miner leaves liverymen (‘miner’ leaves ‘liverymen’ =  lvey = LEVY) with collection (collection = LEVY),

11 Not required (EXPENDABLE) to use up (EXPEND-) first victim (Abel = -ABLE) we hear (EXPENDABLE),

12 Draft (CALL UP) from telephone (CALL) out of bed (UP) (CALL UP),

14 Taxi (CAB-) arrives in (-IN) with young man (BOY) given work on ship (CABIN BOY) (CABIN BOY),

15 Bird (PELICAN) angry (CROSS-) with gin (gin = -ING) cocktail (PELICAN CROSSING) stops cars (PELICAN CROSSING stops cars),

18 Snake (BOA-) to discover by investigation (trace = -T RACE) (BOAT RACE) competition in the water (BOAT RACE),

20 First letters (AB-) sent (-SENT) (ABSENT) to school marked ‘Missing’ (ABSENT),

22 Promised (GUARANTEED) it’s a sign of being truly Irish apparently (GUARANTEED Irish),

24 Badge (PIN-) for Golf (-G) (PING) has ringing sound (PING),

25 Where David hid secret weapon (David put his weapon IN A SLING) batting (‘in’ of a batsman, presently batting = IN) a (A) ballad (S-ING) about love (-L-) (IN A SLING),

26 It’s doesn’t work (FAULTY) if you remove college head (head of College = c) from faculty (‘faculty’ without ‘c’ = FAULTY).


1 US intelligence (CI-A) admits breaking up lads (lads = men = -NEM-) (CINEMA) in pictures (CINEMA),

2 Writer (ED-) returns yard (yd = -DY) (EDDY) with small whirlpool (EDDY),

3 Cute (SWEET-) what’s found under fairy tale princess (-PEA found under princess) (SWEETPEA) with garden vine (garden vine = SWEETPEA),

4 Maintains discipline in party (WHIP) belt (WHIP),

5 It’s found on cooker (HOB-) with no (-NO-) bottle opener (opener of Bottle = -B) (HOBNOB) to mix with others (HOBNOB),

6 Snouts with high bridges (ROMAN NOSES) smell a lot in Rome (ROMAN NOSES),

7 Comfortably (WELL-) won (-WO-N) over rebel leader (leader of Rebel = -R-) (WELL-WORN) showing signs of wear and tear (WELL WORN),

13 In the end, it happens to us all (LAID TO REST) provided novice (learner = L-) gets

assistance (-AID) to (TO) the others (the REST) (LAID TO REST),

14 California (CA-) revolutionary (-CHE) (CACHE) gets hoard (CACHE),

16 Fluent (ELOQUENT) lot (-LO-T) involved with former queen (queen = E-QUEN-) (ELOQUENT),

17 The type of relationship (ON AND OFF relationship) that requires a switch (ON AND OFF requires a switch),

19 Russell (AE Russell = AE-) and Edward (Edward = NED = -NE-D) admit one (-I-) (AENEID) has a tale about Trojan leader (AENEID has a tale about Aeneas, the Trojan leader),

21 There’s only one (-I-) catch (catch = -NET-) in New York (N-Y) (NINETY)? It’s a big number (NINETY is a big number),

23 Therefore (ERGO), shifting sands in dessert (ERG-) leads to nothing (-O) (ERGO),

24 Small dog (P-UG) going around port (port side = left side of boat = -L-) (PLUG) needs a lead (a PLUG needs a lead).