Crosaire No 14959 by Crossheir – Monday, December 10, 2012

Mon, Dec 10, 2012, 23:59



8 Rub (rub = BUR-) up the wrong way Egyptian leader (leader of Egyptian = -E-) with gold (-AU) (BUREAU) for tall boy (tallboy = BUREAU),

9 Arabian (HORSE-) gets to spar (-BOX) (HORSEBOX) in trailer for Black Beauty (HORSEBOX),

10 Informer (rat = ART-) made to look at why (why = -Y) we hear (ARTY) it is a bit pretentious (ARTY),

11 It’s the sort of voice (ALTO-) to get (-GET-) her (-HER) (ALTOGETHER) in the nude (in the nude = in the ALTOGETHER),

12 Call for silence (Sh! = SH-) before you (-U-) fit (fit = -FTI) out (SHUFTI) with a quick look around locally (SHUFTI),

14 Elephant (BULL-) with alien (-ET-) picked up in (-IN) (BULLETIN) news story (BULLETIN),

15 Former partner (EX-) finds local shy person (-CLAM-) at (-AT-) charged bit (-ION) with Mark (-MARK) (EXCLAMATION MARK) ! (! = EXCLAMATION MARK),

18 Joker (CARD) at match (GAME) (CARD GAME) is twenty-one (21 is CARD GAME),

20 Finish in Paris (end = FIN-) with a drink (-ALE) (FINALE) in last act (FINALE),

22 Gun (Sten gun = STEN-) on hill (-TOR-) finds Ian (-IAN) (STENTORIAN) with the loud voice (STENTORIAN),

24 Sounds like an insect (BUZZ) getting a follower (what follows ‘a’ is ‘b’ = B-) for upstart (start of Up = -U-) snoring (-ZZ) (BUZZ),

25 Accountancy term (LEVERAGE) for the French (the = LE-) getting back father (Rev = -VER-) before a number of years (-AGE) (LEVERAGE),

26 Measurement (EN-) for middle (-CORE) (ENCORE) stage management to come out again (ENCORE) perhaps.


1 Express surprise (Hah! = H-AH) over cat’s sound (purr) without parking (p) (purr without ‘p’ = -URR-) (HURRAH) noise of approval (HURRAH),

2 Say it isn’t true (DENY) in shelter (DEN-) at end of July (end of JulY = -Y) (DENY),


3 Man (HUMAN-) is (-IS-) married (-M) (HUMANISM) to belief that one is more important than the supernatural (HUMANISM),

4 Copyright (C-) to blow (-HIT) (CHIT) short memorandum (CHIT),

5 Simple (FRUGAL) Father (FR-) Dougal (Dougal) is missing party (do) (‘Dougal’ without ‘do’ = -UGAL) (FRUGAL),

6 Says it’s going to rain on Tuesday (WEATHERMAN) for you and me (WE-) at (-AT-) Arnhem (Arnhem = -HERMAN) manoeuvre (WEATHERMAN),

7 Warm (HOT-) to sweetheart (heart of swEet = -E-) with liar (liar = -LIER), say, (HOTELIER) for one hiring out rooms (HOTELIER),

13 People in general (FOLK-) skip (DANCE-) Russian leader (leader of Russia = -R) (FOLK DANCER) in Riverdance (FOLK DANCER is in Riverdance),

14 He (-HE) is after nocturnal animal (BAT-) (BATHE) to take a dip (BATHE),

16 Former partner (ex = X-) we hear finds mother’s (Ma’s -MAS) family chart (TREE) is taken down after Christmas (XMAS TREE is taken down after Christmas),

17 They’re normally against the state (OFFENCES against the State) of (OF-) those selling stolen goods locally (-FENCES) (OFFENCES),

19 In the end, the French (the = la = -AL) come back to what the Romans call home (Roma = AMOR-) (AMORAL) with Machiavellian logic (AMORAL),

21 Elizabeth (LIZ-) is on a (-A-) street (-RD) (LIZARD) in zoo (LIZARD is in zoo),

23 I dare say, without Ray’s (‘I dare say’ without ‘rays’ = idae = IDEA) suggestion (IDEA),

24 Return taxi (taxi = cab = BAC-) to hotel (-H) (BACH) organ music-maker for the masses (BACH).