Crosaire No 14958 by Crossheir – Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sun, Dec 9, 2012, 23:59



1 Have quaff and nibble (WINE AND CHEESE) in Bordeaux (WINE) and (AND) Munster (CHEESE) (WINE AND CHEESE),

10 Charged (INFUSED) Ulster (NI = IN-) to come back to put together (-FUSE-) diamonds (-D) (INFUSED),

11 No (N-O-) going around melody (melody = -AIR-) for double (-BI) (NAIROBI) in Kenya (NAIROBI is in Kenya),

12 Woolly type (EWE-) right (-R) (EWER) for large jug (EWER),

13 Florida (FL-) goes (goes) without grand (g) (goes without ‘g’ = -OES) (FLOES), sheets of ice (FLOES),

15 Duck (O-) breaks leg (leg = -GLE) (OGLE) with lewd look (OGLE),

17 Long swimmer (EEL) turns up in Cork river (Lee = EEL),

19 Get rid of law (ACT OUT) when unhappy (ACT OUT),

21 Horrible man (CUR-) returns revenue website (Revenue Online Service = ROS = -SOR) (CURSOR) with computer symbol (CURSOR),

22 The French (the = LE-) eleven (-XI-) cheat (-CON) (LEXICON) with list of words (LEXICON),

23 Draw without thinking (DOODLE) correct dole (dole = -ODLE) after party (DO-) (DOODLE),

25 Remained behind (STAYED) with holy man (ST-) to give assent (-AYE-) to deputy head (head of Deputy = -D) (STAYED),

27 Yes in Bonn (yes = JA-) to German capital (capital of German = -G) (JAG)

sharp projection (JAG),

29 Knight (sir = -RIS) comes back to one (I-) (IRIS) messenger for gods (IRIS),

30 Guy (M-AN) admits the Italian (the = -IL-) (MILAN) is in Italy (MILAN),

31 Simian leaves talismanic (‘simian’ leaves talismanic = talc = TALC) powder (TALC),

34 Escaping (EVADING) Eva (EVA-) on the cash register we hear (-DING) (EVADING),

35 Clean up (LAUNDER) what’s beneath (-UNDER) and behind American city (LA-) LAUNDER),

36 Almost sounds like they’re types who complain (types who complain = ‘whine merchants’ = WINE MERCHANTS) to people in large cellars (WINE MERCHANTS).


2 In (IN-) Florida (FL-), it’s therapy treatment (-ECT) (INFLECT) in a manner of speaking (INFLECT),

3 It’s not hard (EASY) for Dom to leave someday (someday without ‘Dom’ = seay = EASY),

4 It’s not very positive (NO-) before outcome of duel (duel = -DULE) (NODULE) to have lump in throat perhaps (NODULE is lump in throat),

5 Can (CAN-) Clare  (-CE-) get left (-L) CANCEL) with drop (CANCEL)?

6 Not good (EVIL) in vile (vile = EVIL) mix,

7 Swamps (swamps = SLOUGHS) produced by lock (lock =-LOUGH-) reportedly in ship (S-S) (SLOUGHS),

8 Coming in first (WIN-) with writer (-ED) and (AND) very loud (DIN-) editor (-ED) (WINED AND DINED) to be entertained lavishly (WINED AND DINED),

9 They make port (WINE PRODUCERS) to secure (WIN-) ecstasy (-E) for filmmakers (filmmakers are PRODUCERS) perhaps (WINE PRODUCERS),

14 Nothing (O-) to do with writer (-ED-) and one (-I-) friend (-PAL) (OEDIPAL) with complex family identity crisis (OEDIPAL),

16 Thug (BULLY) provides letter from Rome (letter from Rome = papal edict = papal bull = BULL-) at end of July (end of JulY = -Y) (BULLY),

18 Cajun (Cajun) loses accountant (ca) (Cajun without ‘ca’ = JUN-) saying thanks (-TA) (JUNTA) to Spain confederacy (JUNTA),

20 Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE-) has drug (-E) (TEE) of course (TEE),

21 Company (CO-) spades (-S) (COS) found in kitchen garden (COS lettuce),

24 In the end, I’m (IM = -MI) back with a (-A-) cycle race for Italians (Giro = -ORIG-) (ORIGAMI) with Japanese decoration (ORIGAMI),

26 At end of July (end of JulY = Y-), listener (-EAR) and Mark (DOT) (YEAR DOT) goes back to the very beginning (YEAR DOT),

27 Chinese dynasty (JIN-) damaged leg (leg = -GLE) (JINGLE) with copper rattle (JINGLE),

28 Turns up, old cloth (rag = GAR-) on Long Island (Long Island = -LI-) clubs (-C) (GARLIC) keeps bloodsucker away (keep vampire away = GARLIC),

32 It (-IT-) is in southeast (S-E) (SITE) location (SITE),

33 Russian diet (DUMA legislative assembly) of the French (of the = DU-) mother (-MA) (DUMA).