Crosaire No 14957 by Crossheir – Friday, December 7, 2012

Fri, Dec 7, 2012, 23:59



1 Sounds like a goose (CACKLE) with college head (head of College = C-) on Mayo island (Achill = – ACKLE) reportedly (CACKLE),

4 Father (da = AD-) comes back with right to choose (-OPTION) (ADOPTION) alternative to parenting (ADOPTION),

9 Brute (ANIMAL) gets an (AN-) international leader (leader of International = -I-) to go to Malcolm (-MAL) (ANIMAL),

10 Vehicle (CAR-) with the (-TH-E) silver (-AG-) inside (CARTHAGE) leads to ancient city on African coast (CARTHAGE),

12 Barman (bar man = SC-) in (-IN-) with tall (tall) one (I) tentatively (tall I = -TILLA) (SCINTILLA) for tiny amount (SCINTILLA),

13 Nothing (O-) to do with Bond (bond = fuse = -F USE) (OF USE) is helpful (OF USE),

14 California (CA-) to use (-USE) celebrity (CELEB-) going on about (-RE) (CAUSE CELEBRE) controversial Big Issue (CAUSE CELEBRE),

18 Comes (COM-ES) around head and shoulders (head and shoulders = -BUST-) for one (-I-) lawyer (-BL-) (COMBUSTIBLES) provided they burn easily (COMBUSTIBLES),

21 Place (PL-) processed Chinese philosophy (Tao = -ATO) (PLATO) for Greek philosopher (PLATO),

22 It’s possible to get around (AVOIDABLE) a (A-) blank space (-VOID-) for first victim (Abel = -ABLE) reportedly (AVOIDABLE),

24 Chap (MAN-) going to Ulster (-NI-) with family (-KIN) (MANNIKIN) looks real enough on display (MANNIKIN),

25 Starts off with end of 9 across (animal = MAL-) going to a (-A-) women’s institute (Women’s Institute = -WI-) (MALAWI) in Africa (MALAWI in Africa),

26 Holy woman (ST-) meets informer (-RAT-) early on in Egypt (early in Egypt = -EGY) (STRATEGY) with master plan (STRATEGY),

27 Down on the beach (SAND) gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (SANDAL) goes on foot (SANDAL is on foot).


1 Cork (C-) girl (-LASS) gets to perform (-ACT) (CLASS ACT) with really impressive person (CLASS ACT),

2 Credit (CR-) it (-IT-) with one (-I-) going to Quebec (-QUE) (CRITIQUE) for evaluation (CRITIQUE),

3 Rested against (LEANT) the French (the = LE-) relative (aunt = -ANT) reportedly (LEANT),

5 Sketch (DRAW) a (A) writer (PEN-) near Jerusalem (-SION) (DRAW A PENSION) to receive wage after work perhaps (DRAW A PENSION),

6 Cannabis (POT-) to flow (flow = -POUR-) with Irish king (king = -RI) (POTPOURRI) in old musical melody (POTPOURRI),

7 Hapless sun worshiper in Greece  (ICARUS) gives one (I-) car (-CAR-) to go to States (-US) (ICARUS),

8 Looking back, southeast (SE = -ES) Clare (CE = -EC-) brings in (In = NI-) (NIECES) family members (NIECES),

11 Everyone (ALL-) welcoming with open arms (-EMBRACING) (ALL-EMBRACING) at Comprehensive (ALL-EMBRACING),

15 Forced Coe (Coe = ECO-) to place on record (-LOG-) first (1st = -IST) (ECOLOGIST) environmental activist (ECOLOGIST),

16 Pool estate together (CLUB LAND) for dance bands perhaps (CLUBLAND for dance bands),

17 Sounds like an instruction to be unusual (be unusual = ‘be special’ = B SPECIAL) with member of old reserve force up north (B SPECIAL),

19 Soft feather (plume) missing length (l) (pLume missing ‘l’ = -PUME-) in ship (S-S) (SPUMES) found on waves (SPUMES on the waves),

20 Sign (BANNER) found in Munster (Clare, in Munster, known as ‘The BANNER County’),

23 Medic (DR-) before noon (-AM-) gets to a (-A) (DRAMA) crisis (DRAMA).