Crosaire No 14956 by Crossheir – Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thu, Dec 6, 2012, 23:59



1 Hesitates (WAVERS) with signal (WAVE-) for fundamentals of learning (“reading, writing and arithmetic” = the three Rs = -RS) (WAVERS),

4 A (A-) very loud (-FF-) therapy treatment (-ECT-) for writer (-ED) (AFFECTED) with pretentious manner (AFFECTED),

9 Sounds like cat up (cat up = lion up = LINE-UP) in front of witness to crime (the LINE-UP in front of witness to crime),

10 Role model perhaps (person who plays the same role = TYPECAST) for person (TYPE-) having fling (fling = -CAST) (TYPECAST),

12 Nobleman (COUNT-) depressed (-DOWN) (COUNTDOWN) at last minute before New Year (COUNTDOWN),

13 Yeats leaves osteopathy (osteopathy without ‘Yeats’ = otoph = PHOTO) with snapshot (snapshot = PHOTO),

14 New world cardinal (new world cardinal bird = BIRD-) keeping an eye (-WATCHING) (BIRDWATCHING) on ornithologist’s job perhaps (an ornithologist studies birds = BIRDWATCHING),

18 Encouraging (HEARTWARMING) spirit (HEART-) with hot (-WARM-) gin (gin = -ING) cocktail (HEARTWARMING),

21 A (A-) lot (-LO-T) to hold onto with figurehead (head of Figure = -F-) (ALOFT) high up (ALOFT),

22 No longer on speaking terms (FALLEN OUT) as everyone (-ALL-) in marsh (marsh = F-EN) and not at home (OUT) (FALLEN OUT),

24 Dawn’s (dawns = SUNRISES) with them getting up in the morning (SUNRISES),

25 Political leader (leader of Political = P-) goes to old city (-UR-) first (1st = -IST) (PURIST) with traditionalist (PURIST),

26 That person won’t do what’s expected (RENEGADE) of old heretic (RENEGADE),

27 Add (APPEND) a (A-) father figure (-PP-) at the end (-END) (APPEND).


1 The little ones in pack (WOLF CUBS) cry needlessly (cry WOLF-) to see you (see you = -CU-) with graduate (-BS) (WOLF CUBS),

2 Transport (VAN-) security man (-GUARD) (VANGUARD) ahead of the rest (VANGUARD is ahead of the rest),

3 In search of lost time, writer (‘In Search of Lost Time’ written by Proust) loses head (Proust loses ‘P’ = ROUST) to get one up (ROUST),

5 Wish you were there to hear (FLY ON THE WALL) pilot (FLY) on (ON) the (THE) screen (WALL)? (FLY ON THE WALL),

6 Shot in the morning (shot of coffee in the morning = EYE OPENER) for revelation? (an EYE-OPENER),

7 Holds bags under water (TEAPOT holds teabags under water) needed for Irish breakfast (TEAPOT needed for Irish breakfast),

8 Looking back, stylish bloke from 1960s (MOD = DO- -M) oversees October (Oct = -T CO-) (DOT COM) business on web  (DOT COM = business on web),

11 Makes earthenware (POTTER-) with sulphur (S = -’S) near pasture (FIELD) (POTTER‘S FIELD) at poor dead end (POTTER’S FIELD),

15 Rest (-REST-) with novice (learner = -L-) in annex (W-ING) (WRESTLING) from fighting between the ropes (WRESTLING),

16 Doesn’t do health any good (NICOTINE) for Nicolas (NICO-) to sit so close to Irish fire (-TINE) (NICOTINE),

17 Elderly (AG-ED) admit one (-I-) with tasteless jewellery (-TAT-) (AGITATED) is perturbed (AGITATED),

19 Tentatively scare a (scare a = CAESAR) man in charge of Rome (CAESAR),

20 Josephine (JO-) all the rage (what’s ‘in’ = -IN) at home (IN) (JOIN IN) to take part (JOIN IN),

23 Sweetheart (heart of swEet = E-) with joke (-QUIP) (EQUIP) in train (to train = to EQUIP).