Crosaire No 14955 by Crossheir – Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wed, Dec 5, 2012, 23:59



1 Account (AC-) on tape (-CORD) (ACCORD) of agreement (ACCORD),

4 Single (BACHELOR) graduate (BA-) and revolutionary (-CHE-) with Lord (lord) missing secure ring (D-ring used to secure things = d) (lord missing ‘d’ = -LOR) (BACHELOR),

9 Time (Central European Time = CE-T) to admit men (-MEN-) (CEMENT) with filling for teeth (CEMENT is a filling for teeth),

10 American’s (US’S = US-S) covering up old city (-UR-) with debt (I Owe You = -IOU-) (USURIOUS) (at exorbitant rate = USURIOUS),

12 Violent (ROUGH) place (PL-) with an (-AN) (ROUGH PLAN) idea written on the back of a cigarette packet (ROUGH PLAN),

13 Not up (LYING) to telling porkies (LYING),

14 Lose one’s head perhaps (CHANGE OF MIND) on second thoughts (CHANGE OF MIND),

18 Going for a spin in car (DRIVING) to mountains (RANGE) (DRIVING RANGE) of course (DRIVING RANGE on golf course),

21 First lady (EV-E) admits it’s all right (-OK-) (EVOKE) for Kindle (to kindle = to EVOKE),

22 Used in 15 down perhaps (SEED MONEY used in ‘gardening’) for financing project initially (SEED MONEY),

24 Refuge holder (BIN LINER) with chest (BIN) on ship (LINER) (BIN LINER),

25 A (A-) non-drinker (-TT-) with Irish sign (-IRE) (ATTIRE) for dress wear (ATTIRE),

26 Final (LAST) step on gas (GAS-) for president (-P) (LAST GASP) leaves one breathless (LAST GASP),

27 Start the week (MON-) returning record (record = log = -GOL) (MONGOL) to Genghis Khan for one (Genghis Khan was a MONGOL).


1 In truth (ACCURACY), beginning with 1 across (accord = ACC-) you (-U-) get to be naughty (-RACY) (ACCURACY),

2 Short communication (COMM-) to organisation (United Nations = -UN-) in US city (LA = -AL) (COMMUNAL) turns up for all to share (COMMUNAL),

3 Dressing (RANCH dressing) for a horse (horse RANCH),

5 Not in school (ABSENT-) to mind (-MIND-) writer (-ED) (ABSENT-MINDED) yonder in a brown study (yonder/old term ‘brown study’ = ABSENT-MINDED),

6 Political hawk (HARDLINER) not soft (HARD-) on phone (-LINE-) to rebel leader (-leader of Rebel = R) (HARDLINER),

7 Make a short visit (LOOK-IN) to latrine (LOO-) with nearest and dearest (-K-IN) (LOOK-IN),

8 Go (RESIGN) about (RE-) with omen (-SIGN) (RESIGN),

11 Family (BLOOD) ships (VESSELS) (BLOOD VESSELS) take something to heart (BLOOD VESSELS take blood to heart),

15 Growing concern (GARDEN-) in (-IN-) middle age (middle of aGe = -G) (GARDENING) for arranging of plot (arranging of plot = GARDENING)

16 It’s non-stop (UNENDING) for peacekeepers (United Nations = UN-) finishing (-ENDING) (UNENDING),

17 Grudging understanding (VERY WELL!) with no ill feeling at all (VERY WELL),

19 Father (Rev = VER-) comes back for scientific experiments (lab = -BAL) rising (VERBAL) in a manner of speaking (VERBAL),

20 Spike’s (POINTS) to collect them for conversion after trying time (get two POINTS for conversion in rugby after try),

23 Pass over bread (Passover unleavened bread = MATZO) in menu from Montezuma (take ‘menu’ from Montezuma = otzma = MATZO).