Crosaire No 14954 by Crossheir – Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tue, Dec 4, 2012, 23:59



8 Do it all over again (AFRESH) for a (A-) crisp (-FRESH) (AFRESH),

9 Looks like (IMITATOR) I’m (IM-) getting to it (-IT-) by a (-A-) hill (-TOR) (IMITATOR),

10 Well, I’m not (well I’m not = SICK) with one going to hospital (SICK),

11 To a certain degree (RELATIVELY), uncle (RELATIVE-) hears Lee (Lee = -LY) (RELATIVELY),

12 At last, I (I) am (am = -AM) going back for Californian city’s (LA’s = -SAL-) return (SALAMI) to Italian cuisine (SALAMI),

14 Before Christening (NAMELESS) perhaps, popularity (popularity = have a NAME-) is reduced (-LESS) (NAMELESS),

15 You’d expect this from a sniper (STRAIGHT SHOOTER) in a row (STRAIGHT) with basketball player (SHOOTER) (STRAIGHT SHOOTER),

18 After a second (after a second = third in order = TERTIARY), Terrence (TER-RY) covers it (it = -TI-) back with first letter (-A-) (TERTIARY),

20 Go (GO-) on board (-SS-) to find detective (Private Investigator = PI = -IP) returning (GOSSIP) with the juicy bits (GOSSIP),

22 Pull yourself up the ladder (use your own resources to achieve = “pull oneself up by one’s own BOOTSTRAPS”) to load computer program (BOOTSTRAPS),

24 Sounds like Bea (BE-) is fifty-fifty (-LL) (BELL) for ringer (BELL),

25 Virginia (VA-) goes to Italian river (-PO-) to rouse (rouse) most of (most of rouse = -ROUS) (VAPOROUS) foggy atmosphere (VAPOROUS),

26 First off, Aster (aster without first letter ‘a’ = -STER) exchanged with Oscar (O) (replace ‘a’ with ‘o’ = O-STER) around Fourth of July (fourth of JulY = -Y-) (OYSTER) at Pearl’s home (a pearl is produced by / ‘lives with’ an OYSTER).


1 First letter (A-) arrives at end of week (-FRI-) near California (-CA) (AFRICA) on second largest continent (AFRICA),

2 It’s in front of bird (BEAK is in front of bird) with buzzer (bee = BE-) reportedly on part of Russian gun (Russian gun = AK47 + ‘part off’ = -AK) (BEAK),

3 Delightful (CHARMING) to blacken (CHAR-) merciless comic villain (-MING the Merciless, the comic villain) (CHARMING),

4 Bit of a local fight (MILL) leading to flour factory (MILL),

5 Order (DICTUM) policeman (DI-) to scan (CT scan= -CT-) for expression of hesitation (-UM) (DICTUM),

6 It’s really great (MARVELLOUS) for comic (Marvel comic = MARVEL-) to drop Italy (i) for French king (Louis without ‘i’ = -LOUS) (MARVELLOUS),

7 Come together (COALESCE) for company (CO-) hotshot (ace = -A-CE) boxing Leslie (-LES-) (COALESCE),

13 Tailor (ADAPT-) gets at (-AT-) what’s charged (-ION) (ADAPTATION) for alteration (ADAPTATION),

14 Type of professor (NUTTY professor) found in Brazil (Brazil nut is NUTTY),

16 AA’s attitude (TEETOTAL) provides driver’s aid (driver’s aid on golf course = TEE-) for Count (count = -TOTAL) (TEETOTAL),

17 Pimple on one’s head (spot on one’s head = HIGH SPOT) is stoned (HIGH) at venue (SPOT) (HIGH SPOT),

19 Play the fool perhaps (ACT-) with one (-I-) on (-ON) (ACTION) court process (ACTION),

21 In a bad way (ILL = I’LL) with back (BET)? (I’LL BET) That sounds very sceptical indeed (I’LL BET),

23 What’s more (ALSO) on top of that? (ALSO),

24 Up to the tonsils (BUSY) locally with transport (BUS-) at end of July (end of JulY= -Y) (BUSY).