Crosaire No 14953 by Crossheir – Monday, December 3, 2012

Mon, Dec 3, 2012, 23:59



8 All together (EN BLOC), Ben  (Ben = EN B-) makes a pass (pass = col -LOC) by mistake (EN BLOC),

9 In favour of (PRO-) getting to (-TO-) Colonel (-COL) (PROTOCOL) for agreement (PROTOCOL),

10 Microphone (MIC-) beside a (-A) (MICA) thermal mineral (MICA),

11 Weak person (weak person = reed = RE-ED) admits it’s harsh (harsh = -STRICT-) (RESTRICTED) one can’t get in here (one can’t get in here = RESTRICTED),

12 Worked for (SERVED) strong competitor with advantage (strong competitor with advantage = seed = SE-ED) hiding recreational vehicle (Recreational Vehicle = -RV-) (SERVED),

14 Words fail one (DYSLEXIA) missing characters (DYSLEXIA),

15 Sign (PRIVATE PROPERTY) as if one owns the place (PRIVATE PROPERTY),

18 In a frenzy (WILD), Wesley (WES-) goes to tea (-T) (WILD WEST) in cowboy’s neck of the woods (WILD WEST),

20 Gone (gone = E-NOG) back over horse (-GG-) (EGGNOG) for Christmas drink (EGGNOG),

22 Relative to (germane) losing bearing (bearing East = e) (germane without ‘e’ = GERMAN) with stamp (MARK) (GERMAN MARK) from old capital (capital = money = GERMAN MARK),

24 Sounds like way in (way in = gate = GAIT) to carriage (carriage/deportment = GAIT),

25 Turns up, Sidney (Sid = DIS-) finds Irish love (love = -GRA-) in Clare (-CE) (DISGRACE) scandal (DISGRACE),

26 Leading experts (leading LIGHTS) obey these to prevent gridlock (traffic LIGHTS).


1 Gene in (in gene = ENGINE) convertible for a start? (ENGINE),

2 Office worker (P-A) admits foreign article (-LE-) (PLEA) is excuse (excuse = PLEA),

3 Authorize (ACCREDIT) a (A-) copy (copy = carbon copy = -CC-) to be read (read = -RED-) aloud with it (-IT) (ACCREDIT),

4 Work (OPUS) out split from populists (populists without ‘split’ = opus = OPUS),

5 Chases girl (COURTS) perhaps from bars (COURTS),

6 Stole (POACHED) seed (EGG) (POACHED EGG) for breakfast (POACHED EGG for breakfast),

7 Month before last (December is the last month and ‘month before’ it = NOV-), sweetheart (heart of swEet = -E-) finds index (-LIST) (NOVELIST) for writer (NOVELIST),

13 How brilliant (VIVID) I’m (IM-) at an age (-AGE) (VIVID IMAGE) to see enduring mental picture (VIVID IMAGE),

14 Depart shortly (DEP-) to return to (to = -OT) (DEPOT) bus station (DEPOT),

16 Kept under control (REINED IN) to curb (REIN-) journalist (editor = -ED) at home (IN) (REINED IN),

17 It’s excessive (OVERKILL) to cover Kildare town (OVER KILL = OVERKILL),

19 Small measure (EN-) to get to northeast (-NE-) nowadays (Anno Domini = -AD) (ENNEAD) with the Muses (the Muses were a group of nine and a group of nine = ENNEAD),

21 Poppy (OPIATE) provides nothing (O-) for detective (detective = private investigator = -PI-) to eat (eat = -ATE) (OPIATE),

23 It’s a long time (AGES) between being five (age) and 25 years old (age) (age + age = AGES)

24 Is (-I-S) horse (G-G-) agitated (GIGS) by music in halls? (music in halls = GIGS).