Crosaire No 14952 by Crossheir – Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sun, Dec 2, 2012, 23:59



1 Put into words (STATE) right moment (OCCASION) for presidents to have dinner perhaps (STATE OCCASION),

10 Torture (TORMENT) lads (lads = -MEN-) in wrong (TOR-T) (TORMENT),

11 It’s a gold mine (JACKPOT) for John (JACK-) with marijuana (-POT) (JACKPOT),

12 Soldier’s pay (loot = TOOL) perhaps turns up in machine (machine = TOOL),

13 Calvin leaves evangelical (evangelical without ‘Calvin’ = eagel = EAGLE) high-flyer (EAGLE),

15 Tiff (SPAT) runs hot and cold (taps = SPAT) on reflection,

17 You and me (we = W-E) get over love (-O-) (WOE) trouble (WOE),

19 They work well (OILMEN) working with olives perhaps (OILMEN),

21 Retreat (ASHRAM) for woolly type (-RAM) left after remains of smoke (smoke/cigarette leaves ASH-) (ASHRAM),

22 Tune (AIR-) without (-LESS) (AIRLESS) atmosphere on moon (AIRLESS),

23 Model (Model T = T-) Polo (polo SHIRT) (T-SHIRT) for use in summer (T-SHIRT),

25 Figure (PERSON) for each (PER-) skinhead (head of Skin = -S-) getting on (-ON) (PERSON),

27 Travel down (SKI) on foot in the cold (SKI),

29 Bet leaves beetles (bet leaves ‘beetles’  = eles = EELS) swimming in canal (EELS),

30 Writer (E-D) takes in workers (-MEN-) (EMEND) to change things around (EMEND),

31 Short distance (STEP) to dance (STEP),

34 Unfair treatment (RAW DEAL) for new (RAW) Germany (DE-) and gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (RAW DEAL),

35 Put in danger (IMPERIL) rascal (IMP-) returning old Italian currency (lire = -ERIL) (IMPERIL),

36 Have your say (STATE YOUR CASE) out of what judge said to barman (STATE YOUR CASE).


2 Upheaval (TURMOIL) with wild goat (TUR-) and me in France (me = -MOI-) (TURMOIL),

3 Little piggies (TOES) with Tom a (Tom+a = toma) gardener’s delight (tomaTOES),

4 Wife’s sister perhaps (OUTLAW) is not in (OUT-) with the police (-LAW) (OUTLAW),

5 Butter up (CAJOLE) Andrew Jackson (-AJ-) in black stuff (coal = C-OLE) reportedly (CAJOLE),

6 Get rid of person (SACK) with old wine from Spain (SACK),

7 No (no = ON) going back for The Irish Times (PAPER)? (ON PAPER) Looks good in print (looks good ON PAPER),

8 Shape (STATE) of (OF) square (T-Square = -T-) heart (heart = -HE ART) (STATE OF THE ART) is very latest in technology (STATE OF THE ART),

9 Regime (STATE) square property game (MONOPOLY) for Government with no competitors (STATE MONOPOLY),

14 Paris (Paris = Trojan prince and Greek GOD-) similar to (-LIKE) (GODLIKE) what is heavenly (GODLIKE),

16 Sign of love (HEART) at the end of 8 down (state of the art = HEART),

18 It’s a blessing (ASSET) Tessa (Tessa = ASSET) turns up,

20 Flip container (container = tin = NIT) for mop problem (NIT = mop/hair problem),

21 Old Egyptian killer (ASP) leads to a (A-) bit of speculation (bit of speculation = -SP) (ASP),

24 Foolish person (HALFWIT), to some extent (HALF-), with sense of humour (-WIT) (HALFWIT),

26 At end of week (SAT-) tempers (-IRES) (SATIRES) leads to parodies (SATIRES),

27 Sell my (sell my = SMELLY) false rank (SMELLY),

28 In place of (IN LIEU) North (Northern Ireland = NI = IN) coming back to deceive (LIE-) Unionist (-U) (IN LIEU),

32 It’s says you’re qualified in short (CERT) to get right (-RT) behind Clare (CE-) (CERT),

33 Quite a long story (EPIC) for detective (private investigator = -PI-) in old European organisation (European Community = E-C) (EPIC).