Crosaire No 14951 by Crossheir – Friday, November 30, 2012

Fri, Nov 30, 2012, 23:59



1 Long-legged bird (IBIS) gets one (I-) encore (encore = repeat in music = -BIS) (IBIS),

4 I’m (IM-) ahead of the media (-PRESS-) I’ve (-IVE) (IMPRESSIVE) produced to be magnificent (IMPRESSIVE),

9 Miserable article (the = -ETH-) Napoleon (-N-) in charge (-IC) (ETHNIC) of cultural tradition (ETHNIC),

10 No (No = ON) coming back for Irishman (PAT-) with role (role) missing bearing (bearing East = e) (role missing ‘e’ = -ROL-) (ON PATROL) for military manoeuvre (ON PATROL),

11 Gangster (Al Capone = AL-) gets fresh (‘fresh’ for the most part = -FRES-) for most part with officer (Commanding Officer = -CO) (ALFRESCO) in open air (ALFRESCO),

12 Barman (bar man =SC-) hanging about (-RE-) in the morning (-AM) (SCREAM) is a great laugh (SCREAM),

13 Unable to return them (unable to return ACES in tennis) as they’re important in pack (ACES are important in pack of cards),

15 It doesn’t have what it takes to be novel enough perhaps (SHORT STORY) with brief (SHORT) rumour (STORY) (SHORT STORY),

17 Class (TYPE-) novelist (-WRITER) (TYPEWRITER) has all the keys (TYPEWRITER),

19 Looking back, very eager (avid = DIVA) as she can be awkward at any stage (a haughty, spoiled woman/opera singer = DIVA),

20 Georgia (G-E) admits satellite channel (earth’s satellite is the moon; a moon channel/fissure = -RILLE-) (GRILLE) allows discreet observation (GRILLE),

22 It’s too soon (UNTIMELY) for peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) to arrive on time (-TIME-) with Lee  (Lee = -LY) say (UNTIMELY),

25 Odd doctrine (doctrine = ON CREDIT) to buy time for payoff (ON CREDIT),

26 Interesting gossip (TITBIT) for ones (-I-I-) covering up TB (-TB-) in the Isle of Man (T-T) (TITBIT),

27 In the past (YESTERYEAR), all right (YES-) on terrace (-TER-) before 2006 (-YEAR) (YESTERYEAR),

28 Keen on (FOND) missing you (u) at end of ballet exercise (fondu without ‘u’ = FOND).


2 Charge (BATTLE CRY) for lament (CRY) after teetotaller (-TT-) caught in bundle of paper (BA-LE) (BATTLE CRY),

3 Relative (SON-) meets artist (ra = -AR) coming back (SONAR) for listening device (SONAR),

4 South American people (INCAS) in (IN-) California (-CA-) direction (direction South = S) (INCAS),

5 It doesn’t pay publicly (PRO BONO) to be in favour (PRO-) of you (U) too (2) say perhaps (U2 / BONO) (PRO BONO),

6 It makes it sound easier (EXPOSITOR) provided exhibitions (EXPOS-) follow one (-I-) up hill (-TOR) (EXPOSITOR),

7 At the end of the week (SAT-), you (-U-) inform (-RAT-) the editor (-ED) (SATURATED) it’s wet through (SATURATED),

8 Old instrument (VIOL-) for a (-A) (VIOLA) pansy (pansy = VIOLA),

14 Realise something not right (SMELL A RAT) with reek (SMELL) on a (A) lowlife (RAT) (SMELL A RAT),

15 Give up (SURRENDER) undisciplined re-runs (re-runs = SURREN-) to the German (the = -DER) (SURRENDER),

16 Louvre’s in (louvres in = REVULSION) mess with horror (REVULSION),

18 Confidence in (TRUST-) drugs (Es = -EE) (TRUSTEE) keeper (TRUSTEE),

21 Clean mouth (RINSE) of river (R-) in (-IN-) Wexford area (Wexford area is the southeast = -SE) (RINSE),

23 Boy, king (came to the throne as a boy = King TUT-) or (-OR) (TUTOR) teacher (TUTOR)?,

24 It’s a short time (MO-) to fit (fit = -TIF) backward (MOTIF) design (MOTIF).