Crosaire No 14950 by Crossheir – Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thu, Nov 29, 2012, 23:59



1 Turns up, young reporter (‘cub’ reporter = BUC-) can (-CAN-) find undisciplined fortune-teller (seer = -EERS) (BUCCANEERS) with pirates (BUCCANEERS),

6 Obscure (BLUR) lawyer (BL-) takes on old city (-UR) (BLUR),

10 Gangster (Al Capone = AL-) in the morning (-AM-) goes to job centre (centre of jOb = -O) (ALAMO) mission in Texas (ALAMO),

11 Bet (BACK-) against the replacements (replacements/subs = the bench = -BENCH) (BACKBENCH) not in the cabinet (BACKBENCH),

12 Eats everything (OMNIVORE) Oscar (O-) and Mervin (Mervin = -MNIV-RE) makes around duck (-O-) (OMNIVORE),

13 Teetotaller (A-A) embraces stupid rubbish (rot = -ORT-) (AORTA) from the heart (AORTA),

15 Genuine (RE-AL) cover for new (-NEW-) (RENEWAL) regeneration (RENEWAL),

17 They’ll frighten the life out of you (SPIRITS) with whiskey and rum (SPIRITS),

19 Eric (ER-IC) admits informer (-RAT-) (ERRATIC) is unpredictable (ERRATIC),

21 Sounds like a burden (a handful = HANDFUL) with a small amount (HANDFUL),

22 Proper language (DUTCH) to go (go) with dinner arrangement (go DUTCH),

24 Have had enough of someone (had BELLYFUL) full of beans perhaps (BELLYFUL),

27 Stop thief (Stop thief! = HUE AND CRY) with Hugh (Hugh = HUE) reportedly and (AND) scream (CRY) (HUE AND CRY),

28 A set of appliances perhaps (a set of = a RANGE of) found in the kitchen (RANGE),

29 Send letter (POST) to station (POST),

30 Really worried (BE IN A STATE) for one in Ireland perhaps (BE IN A STATE).


1 Leaning towards (BIAS) Irish food (food = BIA-) with head of state (head of State = -S) (BIAS),

2 Carelessly Carlo (Carlo = COAL -R) admits explosive (-MINE-) (COAL MINER) works underground (COAL MINER),

3 First class (AI-) to get around (-O-) fifty-one (-LI) (AIOLI) from Mayo (mayo/mayonnaise = AIOLI),

4 I (I = me = EM-) return to toast (-BROIL) (EMBROIL) mix-up (EMBROIL),

5 Used in the courts (tennis RACKETS) as they’re against the law (RACKETS),

7 In the end, ran (ran = -NAR) back to university (University of Limerick = UL = LU-) retreat (LUNAR) as out of this world (LUNAR),

8 Runs through (REHEARSALS) plays in empty house (REHEARSALS),

9 Sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB-) and artist (-RA-) go to David’s city (-SION) (ABRASION) with injury (ABRASION),

14 At the end of the week (FRI-), finish (-END-) and post (-SHIP) (FRIENDSHIP) to association (FRIENDSHIP),

16 Keeping an eye on (WATCHING) guard (WATCH) at gin (gin = -ING) production (WATCHING),

18 In (IN-) tube (-FLUE-) going down country (New Zealand = -NZ-) with a (-A) (INFLUENZA) sort of sickness (INFLUENZA),

20 Little room in hospital (CUBICLE) for trainee (CUB-) in charge (-IC-) with foreign article (-LE) (CUBICLE),

21 Any loch (any loch = HALCYON) construction leads to happy and peaceful time (HALCYON),

23 Douglas, Holly and Joshua (TREES) with Ester (Ester = TREES) by arrangement,

25 Some people give them out (give out YARDS) at the back of the house (YARDS),

26 Type of fella with a double (HE-HE) laugh (HE-HE).