Crosaire No 14949 by Crossheir – Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wed, Nov 28, 2012, 23:59



1 I’m (I’m = MI-) going back, as (-AS-) close to Massachusetts (-MA) (MIASMA) it doesn’t smell right (MIASMA),

4 Keeps an eye on everything for owner (GUIDE DOG) at signpost (GUIDE) with God (god = DOG) coming back (GUIDE DOG),

9 Underdressed (less on = LESSON) perhaps for school work (LESSON),

10 Linseeds (linseeds = IDLENESS) blended for lazy time (IDLENESS),

12 Do homework (DUST) on road (ST-) or (-OR-) motorway (-M) (DUST STORM) for whirl in the desert (DUST STORM),

13 Barman (bar man = SC-) on the beer (-ALE) (SCALE) with deposit (SCALE),

14 Death notice (OBIT-) comes back regarding (re = -ER) proverb (DICTUM) (OBITER DICTUM) judge says as an aside (OBITER DICTUM),

18 Middle of the road (HALFWAY) establishment (HOUSE) (HALFWAY HOUSE) has living room for adjusters (HALFWAY HOUSE),

21 Liberal (-LIB-) in first class (first class = A1 = A-I) (ALIBI) as cover story (ALIBI),

22 Where to begin (ORIGINATE)? Start (start = ORIGIN-) at (-AT-) end of June (end of JunE = -E) (ORIGINATE),

24 Sailor (sailor = TAR-) loses giant reptile’s head (giant reptile = dragon loses ‘d’ = -RAGON) (TARRAGON) found in herb garden (TARRAGON),

25 Go red (BLU-SH) admitting one (-I-) (BLUISH) is somewhat down in the dumps (BLUISH),

26 Goes to France perhaps (CAR FERRY) to carry (CAR-RY) referee (ref = -FER-) back CAR FERRY),

27 Sounds like Finn is on drugs (‘high Finn’ = HYPHEN) dash (HYPHEN).


1 Melanie (MEL-) goes to Greek music hall (-ODEON) (MELODEON) perhaps with accordion (MELODEON),

2 Couple of stupid people (ASS+ASS = ASSASS-) in (-IN) with one with killer instinct perhaps (ASSASSIN),

3 Sounds like that cow (MOO-) with policeman (Detective Superintendent =-DS) (MOODS) is in bad spirits (MOODS),

5 Power failure (UNDEMOCRATIC) without show of hands (UNDEMOCRATIC),

6 Cork coast perhaps (DEEP SOUTH) has its own southern culture and traditions (DEEP SOUTH),

7 Deirdre (DEE-) Crow (JAY crow) (DEEJAY) provides music at wedding (DEEJAY),

8 Ask (-ASK-) how to get (G-ET) over (GASKET) sealant (GASKET),

11 Name (WORD) of (OF) award (HONOUR) (WORD OF HONOUR) for Bond’s solemn promise perhaps (a bond/solemn promise = WORD OF HONOUR),

15 Read (read = ERAD-) roughly one (-I-) to Catherine (-CATE) (ERADICATE) to get rid of it completely (ERADICATE),

16 Hunts if a  (hunts if a = TUNA FISH) grotesque big enough swimmer (TUNA FISH),

17 Dotty Helen OTT (Helen OTT = TELETHON) ringing around looking to make money for charity (TELETHON),

19 Laboratory (lab = BAL-) flips over jerk (-TIC) (BALTIC) from North Sea (BALTIC),

20 Copy (MIRROR) paper (the MIRROR newspaper),

23 Dental work (INLAY) in (IN-) American city (-LA-) at end of July (end of JulY = -Y) (INLAY).