Crosaire No 14947 by Crossheir – Monday, November 26, 2012

Mon, Nov 26, 2012, 23:59



8 Korean leader (Kim = MIK-) comes back to a (-A-) party (-DO) (MIKADO) for Japanese emperor (MIKADO),

9 Small (S-) draw (-TOW-) on holiday (-AWAY) (STOWAWAY) provides one with free transport (STOWAWAY),

10 Check out (DIE-) before tea (-T) (DIET) for one on losing side perhaps (DIET),

11 Parties (SIDES-) confuse (-ADDLE) (SIDESADDLE) safe seat for a woman in the past (SIDESADDLE),

12 Turns up, ancient city (Ur = RU-) has old Irish savings account (-SSIA) (RUSSIA) in powerful state (RUSSIA),

14 Wit (wit = TWI-) gone off leading expert (leading expert = leading light = -LIGHT) (TWILIGHT) at close of day (TWILIGHT),

15 It requires arranging ticket (must get on ‘the ticket’ for GENERAL ELECTION) for going to country (GENERAL ELECTION),

18 Exam result (FAIL-) for my money (-SAFE is for my money) (FAIL-SAFE) is guaranteed to work (FAIL-SAFE),

20 Soldier (GI = IG-) comes back during hours of darkness (-NITE) (IGNITE) for Kindle (to kindle = to IGNITE),

22 Turns up, Sidney (Sid = DIS-) is well behaved (-ORDERLY) (DISORDERLY) at sixes and sevens (DISORDERLY),

24 The mark (TICK) of one’s franchise in 15 across (TICK),

25 Tall thin person (BEANPOLE) looks after pulse (stick to support pulse/beans = BEANPOLE),

26 No (NO-) king (BB King = -BB-) goes to the French (the = -LE) (NOBBLE) to drug the horse (NOBBLE).


1 I’m (I’m = MI-) going back to lie (-LIE-) to you (-U) (MILIEU) in French environment (MILIEU),

2 Hard (TAUT) gold (-AU-) in middle of dry spot (teetotaller = T-T) (TAUT),

3 Finish off light fluffy dessert (fluffy dessert = mousse; finish off/end off ‘mousse’ = MOUSS-) alternative (alternative = Also Known As = -AKA) (MOUSSAKA) to Greek dinner (MOUSSAKA),

4 In the end, Desmond (Des = -SED) gets back to you (U-) (USED) with cast-off (USED),

5 Little tree (BONSAI) from free Bosnia (Bosnia = BONSAI),

6 Harsh (HARD-) lump (-BIT-) with ten (-TEN) (HARD-BITTEN) as hard as nails (HARD-BITTEN),

7 Boyo (boyo = B-Y-OO) makes way around hall (hall = -ALL-H-) building (BALLYHOO) for sensational publicity (BALLYHOO),

13 Fascinated (SPELLBOUND) by time (SPELL-) required (-BOUND) (SPELLBOUND),

14 Article (TH-E) about upsetting me (me = -EM-) (THEME) is the subject of talk (THEME),

16 Former girlfriend (EX-) meets a (-A-) coalman (-MINER) (EXAMINER) with marker (EXAMINER),

17 Give moral instruction (EDIFYING) to writer (ED-), for your information (FYI = -IFY-), assembling gin cocktail (gin = -ING) (EDIFYING),

19 You bet (AND HOW!) it’s very informal leading to an (AN-) Indian Ocean ship (dhow = -D HOW) (AND HOW),

21 Need to keep one’s eye on ball to perform this (TACKLE) in fishing gear (TACKLE),

23 Looking back, look lasciviously (leer = REEL) at part of film (REEL),

24 Drum (TUB-) engineer (-E) (TUBE) out from cylinder (TUBE).