Crosaire No 14946 by Crossheir – Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sun, Nov 25, 2012, 23:59



1 Know what to do (LEARN THE ROPES) to get knowledge of cords (LEARN THE ROPES),

10 Rank (EARLDOM) makes me a lord (me a lord = EARLDOM),

11 Well-fed (REPLETE) representative (REP-) let (-LET-) go to Spain (-E) (REPLETE),

12 Revolutionary leader (leader of Revolutionary = R-) not in (-OUT) (ROUT) for decisive defeat (ROUT),

13 Looking back, removes skin (peels = SLEEP) to hit the hay (SLEEP),

15 Person always turns up (GOER always turns up) for Doctor Gore (gore = GOER),

17 Informer (rat = TAR) comes back for black stuff (TAR),

19 Give away (INFORM) rat locally (rat = INFORM),

21 The French (the = -LE) follow strong smell (TANG-) (TANGLE) of confusion (TANGLE),

22 Paid Hun (paid hun = DAUPHIN) roughly for old French prince (DAUPHIN),

23 Locally, old man (GEEZER) expresses sympathy (GEE-) with last letter (last letter = -Z-) to hospital (-ER) (GEEZER),

25 State of bar on Christmas Day (bar/pub CLOSED on Christmas Day) is settled (CLOSED),

27 Deputy (SUB) on bench in test (SUB),

29 Overrule (UNDO) organisation (United Nations = UN-) against The Gathering (-DO) (UNDO),

30 Backward king (king  = regal = LAGER) found behind bar (LAGER),

31 If I (if I = -I-FI) make it back to hotel (H-) (HI-FI) that’s sound! (HI-FI),

34 Turns up, father (Father = Rev = VER-) has high opinion (-VAIN) (VERVAIN) of herbaceous plant (VERVAIN),

35 In favour of (PRO-) current safeguard (-FUSE) (PROFUSE) for being excessive (PROFUSE),

36 Remember to the letter (LEARN VERBATIM), master (LEARN) and father (Rev = -VER-) return with Timothy (-TIM) after degree (-BA-) (LEARN VERBATIM).


2 Listener (EAR-) with Greek letter (-MU-) at party (Fianna Fáil = -FF) (EARMUFF) keeps out noise (EARMUFF),

3 Taken for a ride (RODE) in past say on another street (road = RODE),

4 Terrible uproar (TUMULT) in middle (TUM-) of last month (-ULT) (TUMULT),

5 Shifted nearer (nearer = EARNER) to worker with wages (EARNER),

6 Oh dear (OOPS), Oscar (O-) has nothing (-O-) to say as an afterthought (-PS) (OOPS),

7 Soon (ERELONG) in hospital (ER) to yearn (LONG) after drug (ecstasy = E) (ERELONG),

8 Quantify education (LEARNING CURVE) going around bend in school (LEARNING CURVE),

9 Novice (LEARNER) at front of bus (DRIVER) carries red sign (LEARNER DRIVER carries red L-plate sign),

14 Musical gift (have an EAR- for music) for goofy Bash Street kid (-PLUG from The Beano comic strip) cuts out noise (EARPLUG),

16 Class system (ORDER) or (OR-) red (red = -DER) revolution (ORDER),

18 Various (MAN-Y) boxes for trainee (trainee = learner = -L-) (MANLY) muscular person (MANLY),

20 Wreck (MAR) Miramar in the end (end of Miramar = MAR),

21 Sound to watch (a watch sound = TIC) from square (T-Square = T-) in charge (-IC) (TIC),

24 Approve (ENDORSE) finish (END-) for wandering Eros (Eros = -ORSE) (ENDORSE),

26 Incentives (STIMULI) limit us (limit us = STIMULI) extraordinarily,

27 At end of week (SAT-) van (van = -NAV) returns (SAT-NAV) with director in car  (SAT-NAV),

28 Be (BE-) on record (Extended Play record = -EP-) about (re = -ER) coming back (BEEPER) with message provider (BEEPER),

32 Penny (P-) gets to screen (-AIR) (PAIR) match (PAIR),

33 Fishy star (IOTA Piscium star) finally turns up at (at = TA) ten (ten = IO) (IOTA).