Crosaire No 14945 by Crossheir – Friday, November 23, 2012

Fri, Nov 23, 2012, 23:59



1 Locally, it’s full of uncertainty (IFFY) with one (I-) very loud (-FF-) unknown quantity = -Y) (IFFY),

4 Father in plane (HIGH PRIEST) with cult leader (HIGH PRIEST),

9 Wales leaves rope walkers (rope walkers without ‘Wales’ = ropekr = PORKER) with animal ready for the chop (pig ready for slaughter = PORKER),

10 Good medical opinion (ALL CLEAR) signals end of hostilities (ALL CLEAR),

11 Fought a holy war (CRUSADED) to cure Dad’s (cure dads = CRUSADED) doctor,

12 Casually smoothes the pins (pins = legs; smoothes the legs =TIGHTS) with hose (TIGHTS),

13 Handy to be able to say thanks (CLAP) to hundred (C-) found on circuit (-LAP) (CLAP),

15 Foolish old school headsets (DUNCE’S CAPS) given to corner boys perhaps (DUNCE’S CAPS),

17 Sounds like she had her dinner in the fire (‘in grate she ate’ = INGRATIATE) to flatter this (INGRATIATE),

19 Woman (LILY) with bell-shaped flowers from the valley (LILY of the valley),

20 Duet (TWO-) play (play) without a (a) (play without ‘a’ = -PLY) (TWO-PLY) tissue perhaps (TWO-PLY tissue),

22 That framework (BEDSTEAD) would perhaps put someone to sleep (BEDSTEAD),

25 Trick (CON-) Stanley (-STAN-) to come to tea (-T) (CONSTANT) in uniform (CONSTANT),

26 Old musical instrument (VIOL-) in (-IN) (VIOLIN) part of the string section (VIOLIN),

27 Information in the sky (CLOUD-) split open (-BURST) (CLOUDBURST) in thunderous affair (CLOUDBURST),

28 Father (P-P) admits hesitation (-UM-) (PUMP) where you fill up (PUMP).


2 Knock down (FLOOR) proposal (PLAN) (FLOOR PLAN) with scale diagram (FLOOR PLAN),

3 Express alarm (YIKES) at holy cow (YIKES),

4 Brave person (HERO-) directed (-D) (HEROD) old man who massacred innocents (HEROD),

5 Give someone a lift (GLADDEN) with German leader (leader of German = G-) to get lad (-LAD-) home (-DEN) (GLADDEN),

6 Telephony (telephony = POLYTHENE) reproduction for synthetic material, (POLYTHENE),

7 It doesn’t make sense (ILLOGICAL) that I will (I’ll = ILL-) go (go = -OG-) back in charge (-IC-) with gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (ILLOGICAL),

8 Barely sufficient (SCANT) for barman (bar man = SC-) to find worker (-ANT) (SCANT),

14 Side by side in Rome (PARI PASSU) as most of Paris (Paris without ‘s’ = PARI) gets to pass (PASS-) you (-U) (PARI PASSU),

15 In the end, return bid (bid = DI-B) covering your old (-THY-) sheep (-RAM-) (DITHYRAMB) for a song in Greece (DITHYRAMB),

16 At this stage, in London (London PALLADIUM theatre) it’s precious in jewellery (PALLADIUM),

18 Judge (ARBITER) result of bar (bar = ARB-) going to new tier (tier = -ITER) (ARBITER),

21 Who (WHO-) is close to rugby league (Rugby League = -RL) (WHORL) in Ring (WHORL)?

23 It’s not too close for comfort (DUVET) to be found on 22 across (DUVET found on bedstead),

24 Turns up, the brew (tea = t) is terrible (poor) (turn up ‘poor t’ = TROOP) for the scouts (TROOP).