Crosaire No 14944 by Crossheir – Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thu, Nov 22, 2012, 23:59



1 Babe (BAB-E) admits law graduate (-BL-) (BABBLE) is not making sense when talking (BABBLE),

4 Never out of bounds (KANGAROO) in this court (KANGAROO court),

9 Credit (TICK-) the French (the = -LE) (TICKLE) with irritation (TICKLE),

10 Number of steps (STAIRWAY) to stay (ST-AY) taking in air (-AIR-) with women (-W-) (STAIRWAY),

12 Italian leaves (RADICCHIO) receiver (RADI-O) to ring two hundred (-CC-) with friendly greeting (-HI) (RADICCHIO),

13 Herb (SA-GE) grown around river (-R-) (SARGE) leads to short policeman (SARGE),

14 Boss (-KING PIN-) in trauma (SHOC- -K) (SHOCKING PINK) stands out in girly screaming tone (SHOCKING PINK),

18 The bar for women (GLASS CEILING) with view of the stars (GLASS CEILING) perhaps,

21 Express surprise (Ho! = HO-) at end of March (end of MarcH = -H-) with hesitation (-UM) (HO-HUM) that is so boring (HO-HUM),

22 It makes your face up (IDENTIKIT) to look like you’re wanted (IDENTIKIT),

24 Detective (-TAIL) follows anorak (COAT-) (COAT-TAIL) with one-sided formal suit (COAT-TAIL),

25 Car (car = CRA-) assembly tax (-VAT) (CRAVAT) could be noose around one at Ascot perhaps (CRAVAT),

26 Stage (ST- AGE) embraces one (-ONE-) (STONE AGE) from bygone days (STONE AGE),

27 Say hello (Hi = HY) to Irish girl (Bríd = -BRID; hinted also by ‘cross’ as in St Brigid’s cross) (HYBRID) with the cross (HYBRID).


1 Prop up (BUTTRESS) as lost top of formal wear (formal wear = dress wear; ‘dress’ without ‘top’ /first letter = -RESS) after bang on head (BUTT-) (BUTTRESS),

2 Put your money on (BACK-) exit (-DOOR) (BACKDOOR) for secret way in (BACKDOOR),

3 Call (call = L-LAC) back about one (-I-) (LILAC) in olive tree (LILAC),

5 Describes thrill of film (ACTION-PACKED) as case (ACTION-) for crowd (-PACK-) goes to editor (-ED) (ACTION-PACKED),

6 Excited as sliding (as sliding = GLISSANDI) along the keys (GLISSANDI),

7 Gift (REWARD) for this reason wanted dead or alive (REWARD for those wanted dead or alive),

8 O, (OXYGEN) there’s less of it up there (OXYGEN),

11 Combat vehicles (tanks = THANKS) reportedly providing (-GIVING) (THANKSGIVING) American holiday (THANKSGIVING),

15 Ike (Ike = KI-E) juggled over Merlot (merlot = -LOMETR-) cocktail (KILOMETRE) at length (KILOMETRE),

16 Do as little as possible (TICK OVER) with stopped watch? (stopped watch has no tick = TICK OVER),

17 Finding it hard to settle (AGITATED) with a (A-) soldier (-GI-) thanks (-TA-) to Edward (-TED) (AGITATED),

19 Express surprise in New York (SHUCKS) where the oysters are kept (SHUCKS),

20 Locally, it’s not the most expensive (CHEAPO) pile (-HEAP-) the officer (Commanding Officer/Clerical Officer = CO = C-O) is covering up (CHEAPO),

23 That Kavanagh character (TARRY Flynn) will stay longer than intended (TARRY).