Crosaire No 14943 by Crossheir – Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wed, Nov 21, 2012, 23:59



1 Turned height (HT = TH-) with audible whack (whack = -WACK) (THWACK) for loud blow (THWACK),

4 Generation (AGE) against ceiling (LIMIT) (AGE LIMIT) for the over sixty-fives (AGE LIMIT),

9 Open up (UNLOCK) foreign article (un = UN-) on the canal (-LOCK) (UNLOCK),

10 Could lose one’s shirt here (LAS VEGAS) in the desert (LAS VEGAS),

12 I can’t (-ICANT) follow Luxembourg (LU-) and Brazil (-BR-) (LUBRICANT) to keep things moving (LUBRICANT),

13 It’s about (RE-) the end of sleeve (end of sleeve = -EVE) (REEVE) for a female ruff (REEVE),

14 It’s what the pictures do (show FEATURE FILMS at the pictures) to focus attention (FEATURE) on the layers (FILMS) (FEATURE FILMS),

18 For this reason we all have to tighten our belts (CRASH-LANDING) for accident (CRASH) at top of stairs (LANDING) (CRASH-LANDING),

21 Detective (PI-) goes to American city (-LA-) for French (-F) (PILAF) food from India (PILAF),

22 Fabricated mint (mint = INTM) with hole (hole = O) for laundered tens (tens = -ENTS) (OINTMENTS) with oily preparation (OINTMENTS),

24 It carries one’s name in the window (ENVELOPE) cover (ENVELOPE),

25 Bad start (start of Bad = B-) for those ones (I+I = -I-I) around family (-KIN-) (BIKINI) found on beach (BIKINI),

26 It’s not easy (HARD) on policeman’s (DI’s = DIS-) weekend (end of weeK = -K) (HARD DISK) in storage facility (HARD DISK),

27 Give it plenty of power (give it WELLIE) for giving water (WELL-) to Ireland (-IE) WELLIE).


1 In accordance with the facts (TRUE-), term in prison (-LIFE) (TRUE-LIFE) is realistic (TRUE-LIFE),

2 Sounds like savage (wild) would send one to sleep (bore) (wild bore = WILD BOAR) with pig (WILD BOAR),

3 Dry types (CACTI) operate (-ACT-) in Channel Islands (C-I) (CACTI),

5 David’s antics in the Bible (GIANT-KILLING) is performing better than expected in the cup (person/team defeating a stronger opponent = GIANT-KILLING),

6 Stable guy (LIVERYMAN) needs no introduction to typical person (typical person  = everyone; ‘everyone’ without introduction/first letter  = -VERYMAN) with fifty-one (LI-) up front (LIVERYMAN),

7 Takes a hold (MAGNET) of what’s published (MAG-) on the web (-NET) (MAGNET),

8 Former Russian news agency (TASS-) find the Spanish (the = -EL) (TASSEL) caught up in red curtain perhaps (TASSEL hangs from curtain),

11 Has (HA-S) admitted Beatrice (-BEA-) with Corporation (CORP-) America (-US) (HABEAS CORPUS) is body to appear in court (HABEAS CORPUS),

15 Keeping cool (UNRUFFLED) as peacekeepers (United Nations = UN-) reported rough (rough = -RUFF-) light-emitting diode (light-emitting diode = -LED) (UNRUFFLED),

16 Plant (BIENNIAL plant) from 1947 to 1949 (two years = BIENNIAL),

17 Seed (EGG) portion (SLICE) (EGG SLICE) handy in the kitchen (EGG SLICE),

19 Address (SPEECH) horsey speculation (Starting Price = SP-) on drugs (Es = -EE-) going to Switzerland (-CH) (SPEECH),

20 Political organisation (PLO-) returns father (Rev =-VER) (PLOVER) to gregarious bird (PLOVER),

23 It’s so corny (MAIZE) one (-I-) is hiding in labyrinth (MA-ZE) (MAIZE).