Crosaire No 14942 by Crossheir – Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tue, Nov 20, 2012, 23:59



8 Couple of stars (GEMINI) with twins (GEMINI),

9 Give Michelle a nudge (nudge/move/EGG Michelle = SHELL) (EGG SHELL) with colour finish (EGGSHELL),

10 Avant-garde (EDGY) provides art from tragedy (tragedy without ‘art’ = gedy = EDGY),

11 Sounds like what Sherlock Holmes said on film (‘Elementary my dear Watson’ = ALIMENTARY) down the canal (ALIMENTARY canal),

12 It’s starting off (EMBRYO) by Rome (by Rome = EMBRYO) foolishly,

14 Turns up I’m (IM = MI-) to keep quiet (Sh! = -SH-) with pulp (-MASH) (MISHMASH) from ragbag (MISHMASH),

15 Give it up perhaps (‘give it up’ = applaud performers = STANDING OVATION) for position (STANDING) near old Roman procession (OVATION) (STANDING OVATION),

18 In favour (PRO) of etiquette (FORM-) with a (-A) (PRO FORMA) matter of politeness (PRO FORMA),

20 Gives one a ring (CIRCUS) in Rome (CIRCUS),

22 Put a stop to (COUNTERACT) the barman’s performance (COUNTER ACT) perhaps, 24 Jockey’s job (RIDE) won’t keep one’s feet on the ground (RIDE),

25 He (HE-) put a fiver on (-BET-) you’d go (-UD-) to Spain (-E) (HEBETUDE) in boring state (HEBETUDE),

26 Red-blooded (VIRILE) Roman poet (Virgil) missing golf (g) (Virgil missing ‘g’ = VIRIL-) at end of June (end of JunE= -E) (VIRILE).


1 Models (models = SELDOM) fashioned now and then (SELDOM),

2 Cork (CITY) has its limits (CITY limits),

3 Latvian capital (RIGA-) goes to (-TO-) Ulster (Northern Ireland = -NI) (RIGATONI) for Italian feed (RIGATONI),

4 In supermarket (DELI), lied (lied = DELI) all over the place,

5 For example (EG-), it’s about (-RE-) ship (-SS) (EGRESS) on the way out (EGRESS),

6 Speak of the devil (THE TEMPTER) – the (THE) casual worker (TEMP-) has temperature (-T-) in hospital (-ER) (THE TEMPTER),

7 Albert (AL-) came across a Michelangelo (-FRESCO) (ALFRESCO) on the outside (ALFRESCO),

13 Go around (RING) to blow the whistle on (to FINGER) (RING FINGER) where married man keeps his band (RING FINGER),

14 Mother (M-A) rings yearly gathering (-AGM-) -) (MAGMA) for the hot part of the crust (MAGMA),

16 Bread (TURNOVER) sales (TURNOVER),

17 Brings to mind (evocative) losing opener (e) (evocative losing opener ‘e’ = -VOCATIVE) is another case of language (VOCATIVE),

19 With regret, that’s good-humoured (RUEFUL) you are (UR = RU) turning to generate fuel (fuel = -EFUL) (RUEFUL),

21 It’s just too much (UNDULY) for organisation (United Nations = UN-) to meet Julie (-DULY) we hear (UNDULY),

23 Is this the A-team (the A MEN)?  So be it (AMEN),

24 It doesn’t happen very often (RARE) to order in steak restaurant (RARE).