Crosaire No 14941 by Crossheir – Monday, November 19, 2012

Mon, Nov 19, 2012, 23:59



8 Work stoppage (BREAK-) at this time (-AGE) (BREAKAGE) will not keep everything together (BREAKAGE),

9 It’s about (RE-) venomous type (adder) missing note (music note ‘d’ = d) (adder missing ‘d’ = -ADER) (READER) found in bookshop (READER),

10 Fanciful Nile advertisement (Nile ad = DANIEL) gets thrown to the lions (DANIEL),

11 Design (LOGO-) class (-TYPE) with several characters from paper (LOGOTYPE = a section of type with more than one letter or character),

12 Was (WAS-) one (-I) taking in graduate (BA = -AB-) returning (WASABI) with condiment from sushi bar (WASABI is a Japanese condiment)?

13 They don’t fit in (ODDBALLS) old (O-) theologian (-DD-) at dances (-BALLS) (ODDBALLS),

15 Father repeats himself (PA PA) for Pope (PAPA),

17 Start of 8 across (BREAK-) is about (re = -ER) turning back (BREAKER) on the high seas (BREAKER),

19 It is the value (MEANING) of gin (gin = -ING) cocktail behind ridiculous name (name = MEAN-) (MEANING),

22 Teem (teem = MEET) over by racetrack gathering (MEET),

24 Get rid of (KILL-) Felicity’s (felicities = -JOYS) (KILLJOYS) party poopers (KILLJOYS),

27 Clare (CE-) to rise (-RISE) (CERISE) with Cherry (CERISE),

29 Nearly make scene (scene without ‘e’ = SCEN-) off air (air = -ARI-) around (-O) (SCENARIO) sequence of events (SCENARIO),

30 Flipped wine (port = TROP-) I see (-IC) circling the globe (TROPIC),

31 Sounds peculiar (bizarre = BAZAAR) for a shop (BAZAAR),

32 To stay alive (SURVIVAL), Sally (S-AL) admits you’re (-UR-) there at 3.55pm (3.55pm = five to four = -V to IV = -VIV-) (SURVIVAL).


1 Express hesitation (ER-) to informer (-RAT-) with key (music key = -A) (ERRATA) printing errors (ERRATA),

2 March (MAR-) in (-IN-) on a (-A-) artist (-RA) (MARINARA) for pasta sauce (MARINARA),

3 Car smoker (TAILPIPE) to follow (TAIL-) Dickensian character (-PIP-) to Spain (-E) (TAILPIPE),

4 American carrying bags (BELLHOP) provides boxer’s reminder (BELL-) to go the distance (distance = -HOP) (BELLHOP),

5 Towards the end of week (FRI-), turnover (dig = -GID) up (FRIGID) provided it is very cold (FRIGID),

6 In the end, turns up ‘Art (art = -TRA) for Vietnam’ (Vietnam = Nam = MAN-) (MANTRA) is a buzzword (MANTRA),

7 Priest (-PP-) taught biblical Samuel (-ELI-) in meditation school (ZE-N) (ZEPPELIN) it’s found in warring skies over Europe (ZEPPELIN),

14 Form of address (DAME) heard on stage over Christmas (a pantomime DAME is traditional),

16 Mary (Mary = ARMY) tempestuously fights fire with fire (ARMY),

18 Sounds like what king will do (king will reign = RAIN-) with Mac (-COAT) (RAINCOAT) to preserve a dry state (RAINCOAT),

20 Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = ET) returns on time (Central European Time = CET-) with generation (-ERA) (ET CETERA) among others (ET CETERA),

21 Ran (ran = NAR-) back to bed (-COT-) I see (-IC) (NARCOTIC) with sleeping pill (NARCOTIC),

23 Take up (ESPOUSE) extra sensory perception (extra sensory perception = ESP-) for oxygen (-O-) use (-USE) (ESPOUSE),

25 Carriage (LANDAU) to the field (LAND-) of gold (-AU) (LANDAU),

26 Rory (Rory = OR-RY) beaten up outside about (-RE-) (ORRERY) a heavenly model (ORRERY),

28 Go around (SPIN-) with gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (SPINAL) in the back (SPINAL).