Crosaire No 14940 by Crossheir – Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sun, Nov 18, 2012, 23:59



1 Person consumed by job (lost in the job = LOST IN THE POST) gets dead letter (dead letter = undeliverable and nonreturnable = LOST IN POST),

10 Letter is all Greek for mid-teen (15TH Greek letter = OMICRON) moronic (moronic = OMICRON) type,

11 Part of orchestra (PICCOLO) played in Phoenix Park on mounts (P-OLO) around one (-I-) to 200 (-CC-) (PICCOLO),

12 American writer (Twain) without a (a) (Twain without ‘a’ = TWIN) doppelganger (TWIN),

13 Right (r) at the end of 6 down (pace) (put ‘r’ at the end of pace = PACER) is horse out in front of stable companion (PACER),

15 Lend a hand (ABET) to bit of speculation (A BET),

17 Mum’s boy (SON) in Trinity (SON),

19 US petty officer (NON-COM) with no (NO-) sergeant (Non Commissioned Officer = NCO = -N-CO-) finds military leader (-leader of Military = M) (NON-COM),

21 Bookshop (AMAZON) in Columbia, Brazil and Peru (AMAZON),

22 Turns up, big (fat = -TAF-) Greek cheese (-FETA) (TAFFETA) is crisp and silky (TAFFETA),

23 Cult (SECT-) or (-OR) (SECTOR) military subdivision (SECTOR),

25 Removes (ERASES) generations (eras = ERA-S) around the southeast (-SE-) (ERASES),

27 Get on one’s nerves (IRK) missing the first Church of Scotland leader (Church of Scotland = Kirk + missing leader ‘k’ = IRK),

29 Puts away (EATS) broken seat (seat – EATS),

30 Fella with six legs (ANT-) in charge (-IC) (ANTIC) of caper (ANTIC),

31 Little casual agreement (YEAH) as year end (end of yeaR = ‘r’) replaced by the hour (h) (‘r’ replaced by ‘h’ = YEAH),

34 It’s for moving (VAN-) in a bad way (-ILL-), a (-A) (VANILLA) typical flavour found in parlour (VANILLA),

35 Intellectual (SCHOLAR) with power (SOLAR power) over Switzerland (-CH-) (SCHOLAR),

36 Can’t find one thinking (LOST IN THOUGHT) in deep reflection (LOST IN THOUGHT),


2 My word! Perhaps (my word perhaps = OPINION), stick pin (-PIN) in onion (onion) after losing new head (head of New = n) (onion without ‘n’ = O-ION) (OPINION)

3 Rotate (TURN) to join the ins and outs of the tuba (‘ins’ of tuba = TU-) horn (‘outs’ of horn = -RN) (TURN),

4 Whatever way you look, she (-ANNA-) is between directions (direction North and direction South = N-S) (NANNAS) for mums’ mums (NANNAS),

5 Take place (HAPPEN) of bird (H-EN) putting away software (app = -APP-) (HAPPEN),

6 Man with good numbers perhaps (good number skills = Chartered Accountant = CA = -AC-) turns up in exercise (PE = P-E) (PACE) march (PACE),

7 Television industry (SHOW BIZ) produces film set (SHOW BIZ),

8 Brain drain perhaps (LOST ONE’S NERVE) for coward’s business (LOST ONE’S NERVE),

9 Department manager loses one’s top (LOSES ONE’S SHIRT) in the words of a loser (LOSES ONE’S SHIRT),

14 Commiserate with (COMFORT) dizzy form (form = -MFOR-) in bed (CO-T) (COMFORT),

16 Wrote her (wrote her = ROTOR) we heard to keep it ticking over (ROTOR),

18 Able (SMART) to march (March = -MAR-) in street (S-T) (SMART),

20 Ram (ram  = MAR) back before April (March is before April = MAR),

21 Had something (ATE) at (AT) end of June (end of June = E) (ATE),

24 Interrupt the course of (CUT INTO) how to divide a cake in two (cut in two = CUT INTO) say,

26 Misappropriate (misappropriate = STEAL-) most of article (‘the’ is an article and most of ‘the’ = -TH) (STEALTH) in secrecy (STEALTH),

27 Virginia (- VA-) caught between two entrances (IN + -IN) (IN VAIN) without result (IN VAIN),

28 Tools (KIT-) accompanying lawyer (-SC-) to hospital (-H) (KITSCH) considered to be in poor taste (KITSCH),

32 Paramilitary organisation (PLO-) square (T-Square = -T) (PLOT) conspiracy (PLOT), 

33 In the past, you were  (THOU) terribly hot (hot = THO-) on centre court (centre of coUrt = -U) (THOU).