Crosaire No 14939 by Crossheir – Friday, November 16, 2012

Fri, Nov 16, 2012, 23:59



1 Muslim leader (EMIR) gets engineer (E-) to go to space station (-MIR) (EMIR),

4 Get the people out (DEPOPULATE) of crumbling Aleppo with duet in a mess (Aleppo + duet = DEPOPULATE),

9 Open bottle (UNCORK) in a French (a = UN-) port down south (-CORK) (UNCORK),

10 Elect (E-LECT-) to control copyright (-C-) in charge (-IC) (ECLECTIC) of wide-ranging topics perhaps (ECLECTIC),

11 Barman (bar man = Senior Counsel = SC-) is (-IS-) so (-SO-) on top of reading, writing and arithmetic (the ‘three Rs’ = -RS) (SCISSORS) provided it cuts both ways (SCISSORS),

12 Record (rec = C-ER) back over every bit of (-ALL-) (CALLER) the person on a short visit (CALLER),

13 Legend (EPIC) breaks up frozen water (ice = E-IC) to uncover parking (-P-) (EPIC),

15 Turns up, southeast (SE = ES-) home (-PAD-) on narrow channel (-RILLE) (ESPADRILLE) is ropey and flat for walking (ESPADRILLE),

17 Fake (PLASTIC) academic honour (BA-) with legend (end of leG = -G) (PLASTIC BAG) is taxed in Ireland (PLASTIC BAG is taxed in Ireland),

19 Egyptian (E-) place of learning (Dublin Institute of Technology = -DIT) (EDIT) with blue-pencil (EDIT),

20 Tree (ASH-) with precious metal (-ORE) (ASHORE) on the beach (ASHORE),

22 Throughout our existence  (throughout our existence = OVER TIME) this is all we get for working longer (OVERTIME),

25 Express surprise (Ho! = HO-) at record (-LIST-) I see  (-IC) (HOLISTIC) relating to whole bigger picture (HOLISTIC),

26 It’s rather delicate (DAINTY) to make up Irish story (Tain = -AINT-) in entrances to diary (entrances to DiarY = D-Y) (DAINTY),

27 Throws a lot of light on (CHANDELIER) hand (-HAND-) found in Clare (C-E-) near position on golf course (where a golf ball lands = -LIE-) river (-R) (CHANDELIER),

28 Be in possession of (HAVE) whatsoever without towers (whatsoever without ‘towers’ have = HAVE),


2 Metropolitan (MUNICIPAL) German city (Munich) missing hotel (h) (Munich without ‘h’ = MUNIC-) for one (-I-) friend (-PAL) (MUNICIPAL),

3 Origins (ROOTS) of underground organisation (ROOTS),

4 Very informal to have a quick glance in London (DEKKO) with Declan in Ireland we hear (Deco = DEKKO),

5 Exercise (PRESS-UP) is not down (not down = -UP) behind the cabinet (PRESS-) (PRESS-UP),

6 Watch over (POLICE) Jack Russell (DOG) (POLICE DOG) with Chief Barker on force  (POLICE DOG),

7 From 12.30pm until 11pm on Sundays perhaps (‘the local’ / pub opening hours = LOCAL TIME) is on everyone’s watch (LOCAL TIME),

8 Journey (TRIP-) east (-E) (TRIPE) with everyday rubbish (TRIPE),

14 Forged a discount (a discount = CUSTODIAN) for caretaker (CUSTODIAN),

15 Shocking spot (EPICENTRE) in the middle (EPICENTRE),

16 Let (LE-T-) one (-I-) in on detailed motive (‘de-tailed’/removed end = motive without ‘e’ = -MOTIV) (LEITMOTIV) for recurrent theme in musical (LEITMOTIV),

18 Brother (BRO-) makes up short distance (inch = -NCHI) (BRONCHI) with breathing tubes (BRONCHI),

21 Calling for silence (Sh! = S-H) around such a large amount (a lot = -LOT-) (SLOTH) just won’t work (SLOTH),

23 It’s about (RE = E-R) going back over Longford (-LD-) direction (direction East = -E-) (ELDER) with top man (ELDER),

24 Sounds like Asian (Thai = THIGH) gets piece of chicken (chicken THIGH).