Crosaire No 14938 by Crossheir – Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thu, Nov 15, 2012, 23:59



1 Lodge in (OCCUPY) with copper (-CU-) caught in mysterious fraud (copy = OC-PY) (OCCUPY),

4 Sounds like piece of bird (thigh = THAI-) gets to fall (fall = -LAND) (THAILAND) in Asia (THAILAND),

9 By oneself (LONELY) yell ‘no (yell no = LONELY) misrepresentation’,

10 Bound (bound = B-UD-ON) loosely to cover broken leg (leg = -L-GE-) (BLUDGEON) with clobber (BLUDGEON),

12 Listen up, control (listen up control = volume = VOL-) precious metal (gold = -AU-) near gap (-VENT) (VOL-AU-VENT) found in French pastry shop (VOL-AU-VENT),

13 The early arrivals here (CELTS) from Europe (CELTS),

14 Senior (OLD) exam (TEST-) for key (music key = -A-) men (-MEN-) with Middle Eastern (middle of easTern = -T) (OLD TESTAMENT) Bible (OLD TESTAMENT),

18 Walk in the footsteps of Arabian (Arabian horse footsteps = CLIPPETY-CLOP) with sound of nursery rhyme horse (… let your feet go CLIPPETY-CLOP, your tail go swish  …),

21 On the edge of (ALONG) what’s never a short trip to Roscrea (never a short trip to Roscrea in Tipperary = it’s A LONG way to Tipperary),

22 Very poor (NEEDINESS) demand (NEED-) in (-IN-) getting to early essays (early/beginning of essays = -ESS) (NEEDINESS),

24 Easy to hold beer (LIGHT ALE) provided leading expert (leading LIGHT) is with gangster (Al Capone = AL-) on ecstasy (-E) (LIGHT ALE),

25 Over a long period, film covers (oxidation over a period creates a film = PATINA) Irishman (PAT-) in (-IN-) American capital (capital of America = -A) (PATINA),

26 Chimes (CHIM-E-S) around New York (-N-Y-) (CHIMNEYS) provides big entrances for Santa Claus (CHIMNEYS),

27 Point (compass point North = N-) at first light (-EARLY) (NEARLY), more or less (NEARLY).


1 It’s nowhere to be remembered (OBLIVION) in blackout (OBLIVION),

2 Finally decide (CONCLUDE) swindle (CON-) has tip (-CLU-E) to take in director (-D-) (CONCLUDE),

3 Demented, Paul (Paul = P-LAU) boxes first person (-I-) (PILAU) with oriental dish (PILAU),

5 It’s fifty-fifty (HALF-) Timothy (-TIM-) gets to reproduce (reproduce = breed = -BERED) mixed (HALF-TIMBERED) style of Tudor building (HALF-TIMBERED),

6 In (IN-) December (-DEC-), mixing up European community (European Community = -E-C-) with New York (-N-Y) (INDECENCY) leads to offensive behaviour (INDECENCY),

7 Long-standing (AGE-OLD) generation (AGE-) out-of-date (-OLD) (AGE-OLD),

8 Like Hamlet (DANISH), father (DA-) goes to Ulster (Northern Ireland = -NI-) to call for silence (-SH) (DANISH),

11 The cost of dying (DEATH PENALTY) is the ultimate punishment (DEATH PENALTY),

15 Open someone’s eyes to (ENLIGHTEN) Hawaiian goose (Hawaiian goose  = nene = -EN-EN) coming back over match (match = -LIGHT-) (ENLIGHTEN),

16 North (Ulster) missing point (compass point South = s) (Ulster without ‘s’ = ULTER-) of going to Rio (Rio = -IOR) in chaos (ULTERIOR) with concealed motive (ULTERIOR),

17 Lynch leaves psychoanalyst (psychoanalyst without ‘Lynch’ = psyoaast = APOSTASY) in act of abandoning a cause (APOSTASY),

19 Language (GAELIC) games (GAELIC games),

20 Cut down grass (MOW-) for golf (-G-) on Long Island (-LI) (MOWGLI) with Kipling’s child (MOWGLI),

23 Seeing red (IRATE) paramilitary group (IRA-) looking back for alien (ET = -TE) (IRATE).