Crosaire No 14937 by Crossheir – Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wed, Nov 14, 2012, 23:49



1 Backbiter perhaps on farm (GADFLY bites farm animals) is annoying person (GADFLY).

4 By accident, father (father = dad = ADD-) gets to finish (finish = end = -END-) expressing hesitation (-UM) (ADDENDUM) for what’s been added to book (ADDENDUM),

9 Turns up, artist (RA = AR-) goes from Ulster (Northern Ireland = -NI-) to California (-CA) (ARNICA) for Daisy to treat bruises (ARNICA),

10 Take up exercise (PE = EP-) on ruptured hip (hip = -IPH-) before any (-ANY) (EPIPHANY) sudden revelation (EPIPHANY),

12 Sidney (Sid = DIS-) comes back to spokesman (spokesman = representative = -REP-) with song (-AIR) (DISREPAIR) in poor condition (DISREPAIR),

13 You and I (we = W-E) got over rubbish (-ROT-) (WROTE) put down in letter in the past (WROTE),

14 Couples performing (duets = DEUTS-) terribly with revolutionary (-CHE) make stance (MARK) (DEUTSCHE MARK) in old German capital (capital = money = old German DEUTSCHE MARK),

18 Not odd (EVEN-) to make gin (gin = -ING) for Dolce & Gabbana (DRESS designer) (EVENING DRESS) in black tie (EVENING DRESS),

21 The (the = -ETH-) alternative way into hospital ward (-ER) (ETHER) for anaesthetic (ETHER),

22 See (SE -E) a way around Icarus (Icarus = -A CRUIS-) melting (SEA CRUISE) with travel arrangements all at sea (SEA CRUISE),

24 Salvation Army (SA-) on road (-RD-) in (-IN-) Italy (-I-) with key (-A) (SARDINIA) to Mediterranean island (SARDINIA),

25 Bury (ENTOMB) cat (cat = -TOM-) in mysterious high mountain in Scotland (ben = EN-B) (ENTOMB),

26 Spots (RASH-) near monstrous waters (Loch Ness = -NESS) (RASHNESS) displays a lack of consideration for danger (RASHNESS),

27 It’s a touch of elegance (CLASSY) for Cyprus (C-Y) to admit young woman (-LASS-) (CLASSY),


1 Grannies generally partner them (GRANDADS) to magnificent (GRAND-) promotions (-ADS) (GRANDADS),

2 Person unable to come to terms with change (DINOSAUR) now down to the bare bones (DINOSAUR),

3 The French (the = L-E) reveal contemptible man (cur = -UCR-) busted (LUCRE) with money earned dishonestly (LUCRE),

5 Concerned with the minister’s work? (DEPARTMENTAL) Get out (DEPART-) – it’s bananas! (-MENTAL) (DEPARTMENTAL),

6 Commissioned (EMPOWERED) twisted European politician (MEP = EMP-) to be behind (to be behind = to owe = -OWE-) Rosy (-RED) (EMPOWERED),

7 Looks up to father figure (priest is over DEACON) in Germany (German domain = .de = DE-) attached to a (-A-) swindle (-CON) (DEACON),

8 All hell broke loose (MAYHEM) before June (before June = MAY-) arrived on edge  (edge = -HEM) (MAYHEM),

11 Bits (B-ITS) covering a thing (a thing = -ATHING) you and I (you + I = us = -SU-) turned up (BATHING SUITS) wearing on the beach (BATHING SUITS),

15 Mark (S-IGN) shelters over (-OVER-) middlemen (middle of mEn = -E-) (SOVEREIGN) for king (SOVEREIGN),

16 Envious (DESIROUS) of the French (of the = DE-) knight (-SIR-) with ring (-O-) for you and me (you + me = -US) (DESIROUS),

17 The Gathering (ASSEMBLY) produced by the Dáil (ASSEMBLY),

19 Cut it out! (CENSOR) It sounds like the detector (detector = sensor = CENSOR),

20 Refrain (CHORUS) from Switzerland (CH-) or (-OR-) the States (-US) (CHORUS),

23 Learn (learn = RENAL) shape of something to do with the kidneys (RENAL).