Crosaire No 14936 by Crossheir – Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tue, Nov 13, 2012, 23:59



8 See the world (TRAVEL) with tango (T-) composer (-RAVEL) (TRAVEL),

9 At last, turns up Basque movement (ETA = -ATE) gets it (it = -TI-) in (in = -NI) one (I = I-) (INITIATE) to start the ball rolling (INITIATE),

10 Soon (ANON), provided it’s not a positive response from France (not a positive response = a no = A NON)

11 Pass between mountain peaks (COL-) in sideways movement (-LATERAL) (COLLATERAL) for security (COLLATERAL),

12 Lawman (Senior Counsel = – SC-) inexperienced (-RAW-) with second class (second letter of cLass = L ) (SCRAWL) scribble (SCRAWL),

14 In Paris, I (I = JE-) get Oscar (-O-) to pay (-PA-Y) outside street (-RD-) (JEOPARDY) at risk (JEOPARDY),

15 Frank (STRAIGHT), the gunman (SHOOTER) (STRAIGHT SHOOTER), is to be trusted (STRAIGHT SHOOTER is to be trusted),

18 Liberals (libs = -SIBL-) arrange bunch of flowers (POS-Y) outside (POSSIBLY) perhaps (POSSIBLY),

20 In Holland (N-L), Italians say their city (Rome = Roma = -ORMA-) builders (NORMAL) conform to a standard (NORMAL),

22 God in Ireland (God = DIA-) makes old fortune (hap = -PHA-) with common sense (-NOUS) (DIAPHANOUS) fabric that’s very fine (DIAPHANOUS),

24 They open doors (KEYS) for king (K-) ordered to make positive gesture (yes = -EYS) (KEYS),

25 Informally, diamonds (ICE) and money (LOLLY) (ICE LOLLY) frozen for the children (ICE LOLLY),

26 Psychological (MENTAL) lament (lament = MENTAL) in a frenzy.


1 Press (IRON-) finds one (-I-) chapter (-C) (IRONIC) that’s sarcastic (IRONIC),

2 It’s not odd (not odd = EVEN) to never (never) come back without what’s right (r) (come back/reverse ‘never’ = reven without ‘r’ = EVEN),

3 Need (-LACK-) for labour leader (leader of Labour = -L-) in charitable approach (B-EG) (BLACKLEG) to not go out with work colleagues (BLACKLEG),

4 Political leader (leader of Political = P-) indisposed (-ILL) (PILL) to this type of medicine (PILL),

5 After six (VI-), artist (RA-) on the go (-GO) (VIRAGO) with bad-tempered woman (VIRAGO),

6 Saw Gone with the Wind in pictures (CINEMAGOER) of nickelodeon (nickelodeon = old movie theatre = CINEMA-) with blood (gore = -GOER) all over the place,

7 Down the street (ST-) ladder (ladder = -RADDLE) (STRADDLE) altered to see both sides (STRADDLE),

13 Get it in the neck (ADAM’S APPLE) in the Garden of Eden (ADAM’S APPLE),

14 Break water (breakwater = JETTY) off the boat (get off boat onto JETTY),

16 Pair (TWO-) with gun (gun = -PIECE) (TWO-PIECE) in matching suit (TWO-PIECE),

17 Gorgeous (HANDSOME) house (H-OME) built over crumbling sand (sand = -ANDS) (HANDSOME),

19 Belgium (B-) bird (-EAGLE) (BEAGLE) gets a dog for hunting (BEAGLE),

21 It’s a (A-) New York (-NY-) method (-WAY) (ANYWAY) no matter what (ANYWAY),

23 No (no = ON-) way back for youth leader (leader of Youth = -Y-) to find cross (-X) (ONYX) used to make jewellery (ONYX),

24 It’s a pain in the neck (KINK) Kampuchean leader (leader of Kampuchean = K-) used to print letters in paper (-INK) (KINK).