Crosaire No 14935 by Crossheir – Monday, November 12, 2012

Mon, Nov 12, 2012, 23:59



8 Make note of (LOG-) solider (-GI-) with bomb (Atom Bomb = A-Bomb = -A) (LOGGIA) in house with view of garden (LOGGIA),

9 Those left (the REST) with solution (CURE) (REST CURE) want nothing to make things better perhaps (REST CURE),

10 Finishes (ENDS) with friends (friends) at last (last part of friends = ENDS),

11 Fruit (PEACH) to blame (blame = MELBA) in a way (PEACH MELBA) for cold dish after meal (PEACH MELBA),

12 Might (might = MITE) say, provider of this (mite is provider of this = COBWEB) gives sign homework hasn’t been done (COBWEB)

14 Chatter (to chatter = to JAW) behind windowpane (GLASS) (GLASS JAW) of boxer’s weakness (GLASS JAW),

15 Frivolous person (FLIBBERTIGIBBET) with French (F-) liberal (-LIB-) and Bertie (-BERTI-) we hear went to the gallows (-GIBBET) (FLIBBERTIGIBBET),

18 Stone (stone = ST-EON) crumbled over exceptional runner (runner = rug = -URG-) (STURGEON) with big fish (STURGEON),

20 Another cut (RE-EDIT) for phoney dieter (dieter = RE-EDIT),

22 Play…ba…ck…is…slugg…ish…and… time…con…suming… (clue is written in SLOW MOTION, and SLOW MOTION is play back that is sluggish and time-consuming),

24 Cast a diva (‘Casta Diva’ = ARIA from Bellini’s Norma) for a long solo (ARIA),

25 On principle (principle = principal INTEREST), we hear, reveals alien (ET = -TE-) returning in strange-looking supplement (insert = IN-REST) (INTEREST),

26 Organisation (United Nations = UN-) so (-SO-) in touch with Longford (-LD) (UNSOLD) remains on the shelf (UNSOLD).


1 Bore no (bore no = BORNEO) resemblance to wild man territory (wild man of BORNEO was one of two famous men in P.T. Barnum’s freak show),

2 Urges someone to get on (EGGS on) with early birds perhaps (EGGS are early birds),

3 For the record (Long-Playing record = -LP-), first letters (A + B = -AB-) in the Pale (PA-LE) (PALPABLE) unmistakably can be touched or felt (PALPABLE),

4 Looking back, a (a) time (era) (a era = AREA) for the neighbourhood (neighbourhood = AREA),

5 At the end of the week (Sat = AST-) odd-looking actor cracked-up (ham actor = ham = -HMA) (ASTHMA) with respiratory disorder (ASTHMA)

6 Easy to get in to (ACCESSIBLE) what’s available (ACCESSIBLE),

7 Family gather round Christmas to see this (CRIB-) bag (-BAG-) bearing (bearing East = -E) (CRIBBAGE) card game (CRIBBAGE),

13 Insects (WEB BROWSER) perhaps on safari (safari is a WEB BROWSER),

14 Secured place at university (GOT IN) with green light (GO-) for rare metal (TIN is a rare metal =T IN) (GOT IN),

16 Not to mention (LET ALONE) rental apartment occupied (LET) (LET ALONE) by oneself (ALONE) (LET ALONE),

17 Ran (-RAN-) into one (-I-) for you (-U-) in gem (GE-M) (GERANIUM) of a garden plant (GERANIUM),

19 Brought to mind (EVOKED) it’s okay (-OK-) to be surrounded by first lady (EV-E-) and director (-D) (EVOKED),

21 I see it twice (IC + IC = ICIC-) near the French (the = -LE) (ICICLE) eavesdropper in winter (ICICLE is frozen water that often drops from the eaves),

23 Greek letter (IOTA) provides very little (IOTA),

24 Where to see father (see priest in church APSE) with primates (apes = APSE) running amok.