Crosaire No 14934 by Crossheir – Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sun, Nov 11, 2012, 23:59



1 Nice guide (Nice guide = FRENCH TEACHER) fries (FRENCH fries) mistress (mistress = TEACHER) (FRENCH TEACHER),

10 Knight (Sir = RIS-) comes back for name of German (-OTTO) (RISOTTO) food (RISOTTO),

11 Slow tyre (FLAT-) on vehicle (-CAR) (FLATCAR) goes down the tracks with freight (FLATCAR),

12 Name (N-) for Irish apple (apple = -ULL) (NULL) not valid (not valid = NULL),

13 Looking back, current (AC = -CA) policeman (copper = cu = -UC-) has unknown quantity (unknown quantity  = Y-) (YUCCA) of Joshua tree (YUCCA),

15 Be able to (C-AN) cover yard (-Y-) (CYAN) in blue shade (blue shade = CYAN),

17 Place (PUT), reportedly, with on course activity (putt on golf course = PUT),

19 She (HER-) gets around (-O-) I see (-IC) (HEROIC) with gallant (HEROIC),

21 Turns up, leg is hollow (‘leg’ hollow/empty = without ‘e’ = lg = -GL-) with irritation (-ITCH) (GLITCH) from minor problem (GLITCH),

22 Intellectual (savant) missing social worker (social worker = ant) (savant missing ‘ant’ = SAV-) finds girl (-ANNA) (SAVANNA) in tropical grassland (SAVANNA),

23 I’m (IM-) of an age (-AGE-) that’s right (-R) (IMAGER) for thermal record (IMAGER),

25 You (U-) and I (-I-) over the top (-TOP-) near a (-A) (UTOPIA) perfect place (UTOPIA),

27 Shaft (CAM) came (came) without engineering (e) (came without ‘e’ = CAM),

29 A little wet (DAMP) in current (-AMP) flowing from Delta (D-) (DAMP),

30 Public relations officer (PRO-) of the French (of the = du = -UD) turned up (PROUD) feeling satisfied (PROUD),

31 Coalition (BLOC) of barman (bar man = BL-) and fighter (fighter = soldier or officer commanding = -OC) (BLOC),

34 Make sense of problem (WORK OUT) with gym exercise (WORKOUT),

35 Under the weather (-SICK) after swell (SEA-) (SEASICK) won’t stay down on board  (SEASICK),

36 Crown (K-ING) catches one (I) aboard (SS) after what’s heard in Marseilles (FRENCH) (FRENCH-KISSING) is more than a peck (FRENCH-KISSING),


2 Stocktaker (stock taker/steal cattle = RUSTLER) registered (R-) up north (Ulster = -USTLER) by mistake (RUSTLER),

3 Radical leaves declaration (declaration without ‘radical’ = eton = NOTE) of memorandum (NOTE),

4 Meet informally (HOOK-UP) to provide connection for public water (HOOK-UP),

5 Result (EFFECT) of middlemen (middle of mEn = E-) being very loud (-FF-) and getting a shock (electroconvulsive therapy = -ECT) (EFFECT),

6 Bird (CHAT) talk (CHAT),

7 Writer returns (pen = EN-P-) with plea (-CRY-) before tea (-T) (ENCRYPT) to put message into code (ENCRYPT),

8 Casement’s (casements = WINDOWS) behind speech (FRENCH) (FRENCH WINDOWS) for getting in and out in Paris (FRENCH WINDOWS),

9 People from Lyon (FRENCH) use for cooking (PAN-) lump (-CAKE) (FRENCH PANCAKE) of crepe (FRENCH PANCAKE),

14 Horrible man (CUR-) has a (-A-) method for processing application (Central Applications Office = -CAO) (CURACAO) for island in Caribbean (CURACAO),

16 Man (mister) gets rid of Ford (Ford = Model T = T) (mister without ‘t’ = MISER) for Scrooge (MISER),

18 Eye opener (opener of Eye = E-) to be stuck in the office (stuck in the office = -LATE in the office) (ELATE) in high spirits (ELATE),

20 End of 11 across (CAR) requires a start (CAR requires a start),

21 Not an old saying (not old = new + ‘new’ sounds like GNU) for cat’s dinner (GNU antelope/wildebeest is preyed on by lion) perhaps,

24 Notice (AD-) for bog (-MIRE-) road (-R) (ADMIRER) follower (ADMIRER),

26 Tablet (PILL-) is charged (-ION is charged) (PILLION) behind the driver’s seat (PILLION),

27 Support staff (CRUTCH) for getting on in hospital (CRUTCH for getting on in hospital),

28 Broke distance (distance = mile = M-E-LI) across America (-U-S-) (MUESLI) for breakfast (MUESLI),

32 It’s not working (it’s DOWN) up north (Co DOWN is up north),

33 Without (SANS) evangelical organisation (Salvation Army = SA-) going to peninsula in Canada (peninsula in Canada = Nova Scotia = -NS) (SANS).