Crosaire No 14933 by Crossheir – Friday, November 9, 2012

Fri, Nov 9, 2012, 23:59



1 Sound recording (DISC) of dance (disco) without orchestra leader (leader of Orchestra = o) (disco without ‘o’ = DISC),

4 Hopeful (OPTIMISTIC) to find one (-I-) topic (topic = OPT-IC) containing cloud (cloud = -MIST-) (OPTIMISTIC),

9 School head (head of School = S-) has power (-P-) to flog (flog = -LASH) (SPLASH) shower (SPLASH),

10 Nothing wrong (INNOCENT) providing pub (INN-) with old (-O-) money (-CENT) (INNOCENT),

11 Whole (COMPLETE) school (comprehensive school = COMP-) let (-LET-) go to Spain (-E) (COMPLETE),

12 A sorry (a sorry = ROSARY) organisation with rose garden (rose garden = ROSARY),

13 Turned up (up = -PU-) in South Dakota (S-D) (SPUD) for dinner (SPUD),

15 Person with strong liking (ENTHUSIAST) for Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = E-T) coming back around devious hunt (hunt = -NTHU-) for exotic Asia (Asia = -SIAS-) (ENTHUSIAST),

17 The overwhelming force (JUGGERNAUT) of religious worship (JUGGERNAUT),

19 Direction (direction North = N-) to a (-A-) party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) (NAFF) lacking taste (NAFF),

20 Marsh (BOG-) returns to (to = -TO-) a (-A) (BOGOTA) city in South America (BOGOTA),

22 Sounds like relative (aunt = ANT-) on the run to get married (-ELOPE) (ANTELOPE) to Buck (buck ANTELOPE),

25 Book lovers (LITERATI) of literature (LIT-) come across irate (irate = -ERATI) jumble (LITERATI),

26 Expose (DENUDE) American chap (dude = D-UDE) over print measurement (-EN-) (DENUDE),

27 Foolish man from Balkans (Serb = -B-ERS) all over fractured north (Ulster = -LUSTER-) (BLUSTERERS) with those blowing hot air (BLUSTERERS),

28 Being (SELF) head of state (head of State = S-) with the Spanish (the = -EL-) force (-F) (SELF).


2 Off the cuff (IMPROMPTU), I’m (IM-) going to promenade (-PROM-) to put (put = -PTU) all at sea (IMPROMPTU),

3 Press (CLAMP) gets copyright (C-) for exposing darkness (-LAMP) (CLAMP),

4 Valuable mineral (O-RE) over Alpine territory (Switzerland = -CH-) (OCHRE) produces earthy pigment (OCHRE),

5 Sounds like advice to join cult (join cult = try sect = TRISECT) provided it cuts more than both ways (cuts more than two ways = cuts three ways = TRISECT),

6 Small legal action (MINOR SUIT) for diamonds (diamonds MINOR SUIT in bridge),

7 Withdrawing (SECESSION) Church of England (Church of England  = -CE-) from symposium (symposium = SE-SSION) (SECESSION),

8 Offender (sinner) loses direction (direction South = s) (sinner without ‘s’ = INNER) on the inside (INNER is on the inside),

14 Well-meaning innocents (DO-GOODERS) with dogs (DO-G-S) guarding possible rodeo (rodeo = -OODER-) (DO-GOODERS),

15 What workers do (EARN A WAGE) to be worthy of (EARN) a (A) joker (WAG-) going to England (-E) (EARN A WAGE),

16 Play down (piano SOFT PEDAL to play soft tone) gentle (SOFT) plea (plea = PE-AL) foolishly around department (-D-) (SOFT PEDAL),

18 Artist (RA = -AR-) gets caught up in a (A) crime (V-ICE) (AVARICE) of greed (AVARICE),

21 Botanist leaves obliterations (obliterations without ‘botanist’ = liero = ORIEL) in bay window (ORIEL),

23 Fusses (fusses = TO-DOS) with what stood (stood = TO-DOS) for something else,

24 Course (golf course = LINKS) provides pupil (pupil = learner = L-) with means to draw (-INKS) (LINKS).