Crosaire No 14932 by Crossheir – Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thu, Nov 8, 2012, 23:59



1 It’s awful (TRASHY) to make an attempt (TR-Y) to cover up a (-A-) call for silence (-SH-) (TRASHY),

4 Carol (S-ING) about dry white wine from Germany (-HOCK-) (SHOCKING) is horrifying (SHOCKING),

9 Took a look at broken bones (X-RAYED) provided cross (cross = X-) writer (editor = -ED) catches fish (-RAY-) (X-RAYED),

10 Old-fashioned (OUTMODED) not to be in (OUT-) with modern (-MOD-) Germany (Germane domain = .de = -ED) rising (OUTMODED),

12 I’ve (-IVE) arrived at the conclusion to find the rat (-RAT-) ran (ran = NAR-) back (NARRATIVE) for the story (NARRATIVE),

13 Way of speaking (LINGO) to fish (LING-) and duck (-O) (LINGO),

14 What the scientists tell us (MATTER OF FACT) is unimaginative (MATTER OF FACT),

18 She leaves everything to others (BENEFACTRESS) provided complaint (complaint = beef = BE-EF-) about direction (direction North = -N-) is stage-managed (-ACTRESS) (BENEFACTRESS),

21 Be head and shoulders over (TRUMP) drink (-RUM-) in Indian’s lodging (tepee = T-P) (TRUMP),

22 Introduce to (INDUCT-) what I have (I have = I’ve = -IVE) (INDUCTIVE) characterised by the influence of general laws (INDUCTIVE),

24 Helps one to grow (NUTRIENT helps one to grow) almond (NUT-) and iodine (-I-) in flat rate (flat rate/apartment rate = rent = -R-ENT) (NUTRIENT),

25 Get lost (BEAT IT) in music (BEAT) near it (IT) (BEAT IT),

26 Sounds like should expect wife (should expect wife = honey due = HONEY DEW) with the melon (HONEYDEW melon),

27 In postscript (P-S), reportedly, one not telling truth (liar = -LIER-) (PLIERS) needs to get a grip (PLIERS).


1 Duty (TAX-) on (-ON-) oxygen (-O-) finds its way to my (-MY) (TAXONOMY) branch of biology (TAXONOMY),

2 Willingness (ALACRITY) to make Ferrari (Ferrari = car = -ACR-) in new style Italy (Italy = AL-ITY) (ALACRITY),

3 Has wild laugh (HYENA) expressing surprise (H-A) taking in currency (-YEN-) (HYENA),

5 Residence (residence = HOUSE) of (OF) comedians (comedians = CARDS) (HOUSE OF CARDS) due a fall (HOUSE OF CARDS is precariously balanced),

6 Involved with others in wrongdoing (COMPLICIT) for little compensation (COMP-) that is lawful (-LICIT) (COMPLICIT),

7 Cut aid (cut aid = antiseptic = IODINE) to eat (-DINE) behind Number 10 (IO-) (IODINE),

8 At the top of the theatre (gallery in theatre = the GODS-) no (no = -ON) way back (GODSON) for sponsored child (GODSON),

11 Turn a blind eye to (DISOBEDIENC) ignore authority (DISOBEDIENCE),

15 A typical example of (EXEMPLIFY) former (EX-) European politician (MEP = -EMP-) freely taking Liffey without iron (Liffey without ‘fe’ = -LIFY) (EXEMPLIFY),

16 Humiliate (BELITTLE) beautiful girl (BEL-LE) admitting it (-IT-) before tea (-T-), (BELITTLE),

17 Turns up, African country (SA = AS-) comes across finest (-BEST-) old style (Old Style = -OS) (ASBESTOS) of dangerous building substance (ASBESTOS),

19 From first of September (first of September  = S-), fish (-TENCH) (STENCH) produces horrible smell (STENCH),

20 Old Irish politician (Isaac BUTT-) gets on (-ON) (BUTTON) with switch (switch = BUTTON),

23 Credit (CR-) swimmer (-EEL) (CREEL) with angler’s basket (CREEL).