Crosaire No 14931 by Crossheir – Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wed, Nov 7, 2012, 23:59



1 Doctor Foster (foster = FOREST) in the jungle (jungle = FOREST),

4 Protest (DEMO-) against a follower (‘b follows ‘a’ = -B-) going to bed (-BED) (DEMOBBED) without a fight (DEMOBBED),

9 Negligent (REMISS) with regard (RE-) to young woman (-MISS) (REMISS),

10 Sweet taste (LUSCIOUS) for lawyer (-SC-) coming across debt (I.O.U. = -IOU-) in Luxembourg (LU-) Square (-S) (LUSCIOUS),

12 Swimmers (CODFISHES) with system for paying (system for paying = Cash On Delivery = COD-) for Ray and Goby (Ray and Goby = -FISHES) (CODFISHES),

13 Get away (ELUDE) from the Spanish (the = EL-) dude (dude) dropping daughter (d) (dude missing ‘d’ = UDE) (ELUDE),

14 Move from one country to another (TRANSMIGRATE) as trains (trains) missing one (one = 1 = i) (trains without ‘i’ = TRANS-) fighter plane (Russian fighter plane =  -MIG-) at this rate (-RATE) (TRANSMIGRATE),

18 Curse (ANATHEMATISE) Anna (Anna) losing direction (direction North = n) (Anna losing ‘n’ = ANA-) getting to the (-THE) Matisse (Matisse) with a second (s) to spare (Matisse with a spare ‘s’ = MATISE) (ANATHEMATISE),

21 Got the ten rules (MOSES got the ten commandments) for some (some = -MOSE-) fresh direction (direction South = -S) (MOSES),

22 Delivers message (ANNOUNCER) to Nan (Nan = ANN-) loose with snow leopard (-OUNCE) at river (-R) (ANNOUNCER),

24 A (A-) casual friend (bud = -BU D-) picks up most of habit (most of habit = -HABI) (ABU DHABI) in sheikhdom (ABU DHABI),

25 It’s not genuine (PSEUDO) for Post Office (P-O) to cover dues (dues = -SEUD-) that are returned (PSEUDO),

26 It’s a stroke (stroke = APOPLEXY) for Alexander (Alex = A-LEX-) to get around father (-POP-) at end of May (end of MaY = -Y) (APOPLEXY),

27 My clue (my clue = LYCEUM) interfered with place for teaching philosophy (LYCEUM).


1 Erotic (erotic = -EROCIT-) production in faraway (entrances to FarawaY = F-Y) entrances (FEROCITY) leads to savagery (FEROCITY),

2 Emer (Emer = REME-) comes back laid (laid = -DIAL) up (REMEDIAL) with cure for learning difficulties (REMEDIAL),

3 His (his = S-HI) management took you and me (you and me = -US-) in (SUSHI) to produce California roll (California roll = type of SUSHI),

5 Hunt (-QUEST-) in Ireland (Eire = E-RIE-) somehow north-northeast (-NNE) (EQUESTRIENNE) for horsewoman (EQUESTRIENNE),

6 Mistake roar (roar = OR-RA) over box (box = -CHEST-) (ORCHESTRA) for making music (ORCHESTRA),

7 Lose one’s temper (BLOW UP) to put air in balloon (BLOW UP balloon),

8 Rushed (DASHED) to father (DA-) at the end of the garden (SHED) perhaps (DASHED),

11 Last month’s smack (last month = December; smack = BOX = CHRISTMAS BOX) gets wrapped away nicely (CHRISTMAS BOX),

15 She cleans (she cleans = SENESCHAL) redesign for steward of great house (SENESCHAL),

16 Somehow short (short = curt = -CTUR-) in Irish fire (fire = TIN-E) (TINCTURE) provided it colours metals (TINCTURE),

17 Emerge (emerge = -LOOM) behind next in line (next in line = HEIR-) (HEIRLOOM) in the family (HEIRLOOM in the family),

19 I’m (IM-) close to friend (-PAL-) with a (-A) (IMPALA) buck (IMPALA),

20 European union (E-U-) admits lawyer (-SC-) went to function (-DO) (ESCUDO) with old money from Lisbon (ESCUDO),

23 Take back (UNSAY) organisation (United Nations = UN-) with it’s own voice (-SAY) (UNSAY).