Crosaire No 14930 by Crossheir – Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tue, Nov 6, 2012, 23:59



8 Facial contortion (PUCKER) leads to Irish fairground king (PUCK-) going to hospital (-ER) (PUCKER),

9 Sounds like a bee (HUM-) or (-OR-) duck (-O-) you and me (-US) (HUMOROUS) find amusing (HUMOROUS),

10 Free agent missing green (free agent without ‘green’ faet-  = FETA) cheese (FETA),

11 On foot (SANDAL-) with fuel for fire (-WOOD) (SANDALWOOD) from perfumed tree (SANDALWOOD),

12 Sister (NUN-) goes to Channel Islands (-CI-) with ring (-O) (NUNCIO) for ambassador (NUNCIO),

14 Sounds like instruction to thief in vegetable shop (TAKE ROOT) to find a home (TAKE ROOT),

15 Open to risqué interpretations (DOUBLE ENTENDRES) provided drink (DOUBLE measure) to given to messy Ernest (Ernest = ENT-RES) minding the broken den (den = -END-) (DOUBLE ENTENDRES),

18 Coward (RECREANT) ran (-R-AN-) freely in Crete (Crete = REC-E-T) for a change (RECREANT),

20 After tea (tea = T-), they get all (-HEIRS get all) (THEIRS) that belongs to them (that belongs to them = THEIRS),

22 Lawyer (SC-) finds a (-A-) way to fix (-PEG-) Irish (-RACE) (SCAPEGRACE) rascal (SCAPEGRACE),

24 The French (the = L-E) have Russian river (-OB-) (LOBE) on the brain (LOBE is on the brain),

25 Put (P-UT) about in a bad way, company (Co = -C- O-) shy (shy = -SY-H-) (PSYCH OUT) to intimidate (PYSCH OUT),

26 Actors (CAST-) taken to hospital ward (-ER) (CASTER) for medicine made with help of beavers (substance secreted by beavers = CASTER).


1 Boyfriend (B-EAU) covered old city (-UR-) (BUREAU) for department (BUREAU),

2 Alright (OK-) for the artist (-RA) (OKRA) to use for gumbo (OKRA),

3 Teetotaller (DRY-) and holy man (-ST-) have one (-ONE) (DRY-STONE) wall built without support (DRY-STONE),

4 Cups and saucers (china) without a (a) (china without ‘a’ = CHIN) point near mouth (point near mouth = CHIN),

5 Get me (me = EM-) back to shout (-BARK) (EMBARK) ‘go on board’ (EMBARK),

6 Keep entrance (a keep/fort entrance = DRAWBRIDGE) to get over ditch (DRAWBRIDGE),

7 Money (EURO-) belt (-ZONE) (EUROZONE) for European currency union (EUROZONE),

13 For a change, Bryce (Bryce = CYBER-) comes across room (-SPACE) (CYBERSPACE) for surfing area (CYBERSPACE),

14 Whatever way you look at it (TENET), it’s the principle (TENET),

16 Director (OVER CAST) perhaps is heavy and dull (OVERCAST),

17 Establish a person with authority (ENTRENCH) to break up currency (tenner = ENTREN-) going to Switzerland (-CH) (ENTRENCH),

19 Equally great (AS GOOD) for African country (SA = AS) to make come back forever (for ever = for GOOD) (AS GOOD),

21 Talk at length (rabbit = RABBET) say in carpentry joint (RABBET),

23 To a degree (ARTS degree), gone off vermin (vermin = rats = ARTS),

24 Initially, Laurel and Hardy (Laurel and Hardy = L-H) take in you and me (you and me = -US-) (LUSH) with heavy drinker (LUSH).