Crosaire No 14929 by Crossheir – Monday, November 5, 2012

Mon, Nov 5, 2012, 23:59



8 A (A-) father (-DA-) to fighting man (-GI-) finds love (-O) (ADAGIO) for slow movement (ADAGIO),

9 Craft (AIRLINER) takes off (AIRLINER),

10 Raced (TORE) to (TO-) get about (-RE) (TORE),

11 Disturb the composure of (DISCONCERT) Sidney (Sid = DIS-) coming back for show (-CONCERT) (DISCONCERT),

12 Set one’s heart on (ASPIRE) on a (A-) monument of light (Dublin’s SPIRE is officially “Monument of Light”) (ASPIRE),

14 My tailor (my tailor = MORALITY) somehow distinguishes right from wrong (MORALITY),

15 Exaggerate (MAGNIFY-) gin (gin = -ING) cocktail in window (GLASS is in window) (MAGNIFYING GLASS) by bigger picture (MAGNIFYING GLASS),

18 Irish beach (beach = TRA-) poem (-VERSE) (TRAVERSE) for Passover (pass over = TRAVERSE),

20 Source (ORIGIN) from Brazilian city (Rio = -ORI-) not right on the drink (-GIN) (ORIGIN),

22 It (-IT-) gets caught in Santiago (Santiago = AG-ATIONS) (AGITATIONS) disorder and disturbances (AGITATIONS),

24 Lose copyright (c) for art (craft) (craft without ‘c’ = RAFT) on rubber boat (RAFT),

25 Town (-CITY) behind doctored schedule (record = rota = ATRO-) (ATROCITY) of horror (ATROCITY),

26 Having excessive ornamentation (ROCOCO) or (or = RO-) coming back with French couturiere (-COCO Chanel) (ROCOCO).


1 Number 10 (-IO-) mentioned in papers (I.D. papers = ID-) and document (manuscript = -MS) (IDIOMS) in a manner of speaking (IDIOMS),

2 Nothing (O-) at (at) last missing from great (great without ‘at’ = – GRE) (OGRE) monster (OGRE),

3 Go (GO-) to Longford (-LD) with folio (LEAF) (GOLD LEAF) for decorative foil (GOLD LEAF),

4 Lawyers’ workplaces (BARS) keeps one in Mountjoy (BARS),

5 Reach out (ARM-) for our (-OUR) (ARMOUR) protection (ARMOUR),

6 Choose Elizabeth (pick a Lily = PICCALILLI) by the sound of it with relish (PICCALILLI),

7 Rubbish (DETRITUS) for misrepresented retired folk (retired = retd = DETR-) to make-up suit (suit = -ITUS) (DETRITUS),

13 The month before last (the last month = December; month before last = -NOV-) in one nation (one = I + nation = INATION = IN-ATION) (INNOVATION) leads to change (INNOVATION),

14 Doctor (MO-) has Irish sticker (-IRE sticker on car) (MOIRE) with wavy patterned fabric (MOIRE),

16 Do away with law (ABROGATE) provided a (A-) relative (-BRO-) is on the door (-GATE) (ABROGATE),

17 Put gloss (GLOSS-) on exotic fish (ray = -ARY) (GLOSSARY) in explanatory list (GLOSSARY),

19 Foreign type (-ET-) in protest (R-AIL) (RETAIL) against list price (list price = RETAIL price),

21 Promise to leave imperfections (imperfections without ‘promise’ = fectin = INFECT) to spread disease (INFECT),

23 Cow (O-X) swallows both ends of raggedy (both ends of RaggedY = -RY-) (ORYX) antelope (ORYX),

24 Sway (ROCK) for mythological bird (ROC-) on weekend (end of weeK = -K) (ROCK).