Crosaire No 14928 by Crossheir – Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sun, Nov 4, 2012, 23:59



1 It’s not very warm (WINTER) to get break (HOLIDAY) (WINTER HOLIDAY) in Canaries in January (WINTER HOLIDAY),

10 Funny looking half wit (half wit = idiot = -DIOTI-) in in charge (In Charge = I-C) (IDIOTIC) is ridiculous (IDIOTIC),

11 Turns up, no good (No Good = NG = GN-) commanding officer (Commanding Officer = CO = -OC-) has Greek letter (-CHI) (GNOCCHI) from Italian restaurant (GNOCCHI),

12 Irish beach (beach = TRA-) has parking (-P) (TRAP) for hunt (TRAP),

13 Wine cask (TUN-) delivered to New York (-NY) (TUNNY) for big fish (TUNNY),

15 You (U-) fool (NIT)! (UNIT) It’s only company (UNIT),

17 Fathers (Pa’s = PAS) found on dance floor (PAS is a step in ballet dancing),

19 Threaded rope (REEVED) for the German (the = der = RE-D) returning to capture first lady (-EVE-) (REEVED),

21 Editor (CENSOR) perhaps cuts something down to size (CENSOR),

22 Open and shut position (DOORMAN) for concierge (DOORMAN),

23 In the end, girl (girl = -L RIG) comes back to Number 10 (10 = OI-) OIL RIG) for crude sort (OIL RIG),

25 Let (let = T-EL) go back over row (-ROW-) (TROWEL) for building walls (TROWEL),

27 Street (ST-) at end of journey (end of journeY = -Y) (STY) is sight for sore eye (STY),

29 Makes music (LYRE) we hear not to be trusted (liar = LYRE),

30 Sounds like royalty (queen = QUEAN) is brazen (QUEAN),

31 It (-IT-) is in the middle of trademark (TM = M-T) design (MITT) for glove (MITT),

34 Long swimmer (EEL-) catches maggot (-WORM) (EELWORM) with nematode (EELWORM),

35 Out of hand perhaps (KNUCKLE), Kenneth (Ken = KN-E) distractedly admits out of luck (luck = -UCKL-) (KNUCKLE),

36 Last month’s forecast (last month’s weather = December’s weather = WINTER WEATHER) for rain, sleet and snow (WINTER WEATHER).


2 Do an impression of (IMITATE) it (-IT-) between what I am (I am = IM-) going to eat (eat = -ATE) anyway (IMITATE),

3 So long (so long = goodbye = TA-TA) returning at (at = TA-) first and at (at = -TA) last (TA-TA),

4 Make up (RECOUP) for hospital ward (ER = RE-) flipping with seizure of power (-COUP) (RECOUP),

5 Sarong (sarong = ORGANS) knotted from heart and stomach (ORGANS),

6 Church saying (I DO = IDO-) for love (-L) (IDOL) of god (IDOL),

7 Accountant (CA = AC-) returns for money (-CENTS) (ACCENTS) in manners of speaking (ACCENTS),

8 Mum’s Xmas presents (WINTER WOOLIES) from Aran Islands, perhaps (WINTER WOOLIES),

9 Spell (WINTER spell) on gear (CLOTHES) produces boots, gloves and scarves (WINTER CLOTHES),

14 Ran (ran = NAR-) back at any rate (-RATE) (NARRATE) to tell a story (NARRATE),

16 Microphone (M-IC) picks up writer (editor = -ED-) (MEDIC) with doctor (MEDIC),

18 Green (green = GENRE) build in a class of its own (GENRE),

20 Apollo (Apollo = god = DOG) returns with beast (DOG),

21 At the beginning of catalogue (beginning of catalogue = CAT) from Bombay (Bombay CAT),

24 German rock star (LORELEI is famous rock on Rhine) provides old stories (LORE-) brought home from Hawaii (-LEI) (LORELEI),

26 Direction (direction West = W-) for skating (-RINK-) with the French (the = -LE) (WRINKLE) by ridge (WRINKLE),

27 Hope one doesn’t need 9 down (hope one doesn’t need winter clothes in SUMMER) in July (SUMMER),

28 American (YANKEE) provides fourth of July (fourth letter of JulY = Y-) article (-AN-) on lough in Roscommon (Lough Kee = -KEE) (YANKEE),

32 Old French (Old French = -OF-) in the way (way = street = S-T) (SOFT) not strict (SOFT),

33 Get rid of (OUST) you and me (-US-) in occupational therapy (Occupational Therapy = O-T) (OUST).