Crosaire No 14927 by Crossheir – Friday, November 2, 2012

Fri, Nov 2, 2012, 23:59



1 Gemstone (OPAL) nothing (O-) to do with friend (-PAL) (OPAL),

4 9, 8, 7, 6, 5  (numbers read from NINE TO FIVE) is all in a day’s work (NINE TO FIVE),

9 Is (IS-) on the ground (-LAND) (ISLAND) surrounded by water (ISLAND),

10 Crude (crude oil = OIL-) form of material (-CLOTH) (OILCLOTH) is waterproof (OILCLOTH),

11 Beria (B-ERIA) controls how to operate (-ACT-) (BACTERIA) with germs (BACTERIA),

12 Refine recipe (recipe = PIERCE) for Spike (PIERCE),

13 In vogue (CHIC) for duplicate letters (carbon copy = cc = C-C) to include greeting (-HI-) (CHIC),

15 They look for a match (SPECTATORS) for better reading (SPEC-S) over reshuffled cards (‘tarot’ cards = – TATOR-) (SPECTATORS),

17 Stand on your head (upside down = TOPSY-TURVY) in a state of confusion (TOPSY-TURVY),

19 Listen for a sudden escape (PUFF) of smoke (PUFF of smoke),

20 Drive (DR-), reportedly, guerrilla (guerrilla = gorilla = -APE-) resistance (-R) (DRAPER) to fabric-seller (DRAPER),

22 Germany (German domain = .de = DE-) brought document (-FORM-) to writer (editor = ED) (DEFORMED) out of shape (DEFORMED),

25 Play down (MINIMISE) I am in Ireland (I am = -MISE) behind the car (MINI-) (MINIMISE),

26 Faraday (F-) goes to Illinois (-IL-) to find your old form (‘your’ in the past = -THY) (FILTHY) manky (FILTHY),

27 Plan to walk the streets (ROUTE MARCH) on way (ROUTE) to deface (MAR-) Switzerland (-CH) (ROUTE MARCH),

28 So sweet (CUTE) for Charlie (C-) to make sense of Tuesday (Tue = -UTE) (CUTE),


2 Greek letter (-CHI-) buried in transformed patios (patios = PISTA-O) (PISTACHIO) is tough nut to crack (PISTACHIO),

3 Bare minimum (LEAST) for the French (the = LE-) to break up Saturday (Sat = -AST) (LEAST),

4 Ogre comes out of Rio Grande (Rio Grande without ‘ogre’ = riand = NADIR) at lowest point (NADIR),

5 Newly arrived (NEONATE) flashing sign (NEON-) demolished (ATE) (NEONATE),

6 They (TE-HY) organised around the French (the = -LE-) Irishman (-PAT-) (TELEPATHY) for meeting of minds perhaps (TELEPATHY),

7 French (F-) measure (litre = – ILTER-) put straight on top (TIP) (FILTER TIP) goes up in smoke (FILTER TIP cigarette),

8 Prophetic (VATIC) for an (an) ending such as this (an) to leave Pope at home (Vatican without ‘an’ = VATIC),

14 What’s the point in having money (CASHPOINT) without cents (CASH-) on the spot (-POINT) (CASHPOINT)?,

15 At the end of the week (Saturday = SAT-), vessel (-URN-) is (-IS-) carrying male (-M-) (SATURNISM) with old form of lead poisoning (SATURNISM),

16 Search (RIFLE) picture (SHOT) (RIFLE SHOT) for killer with gun in the distance (RIFLE SHOT),
18 Sounds like wife (dear = DEER) is a revolutionary (RED) (RED DEER) with browsing animal native to Ireland (RED DEER),

21 In the end, duck (-O) replaces egghead (head of Egg = E) on German river (Rhine: replace ‘E’ with ‘O’ = RHINO) found in zoo (RHINO),

23 If (-IF-) mentioned in the paper (Financial Times = F-T-), hospital (-H) (FIFTH) gets twenty per cent (FIFTH),

24 Church (Roman Catholic = R-C) hides Old Testament priest (-ELI-) (RELIC) with historical object (RELIC).