Crosaire No 14926 by Crossheir – Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thu, Nov 1, 2012, 23:59



1 Make sense (DEDUCE) of the French (of the = DE-) going to Italian leader (-DUCE) (DEDUCE),

4 Inquest (PROB-E) uncovers a (-A-) lawyer (-BL-) (PROBABLE) most likely (PROBABLE),

9 West Indies (WI-) call for (-SENT) (WISENT) European bison (WISENT),

10 Looks like a racket on foot (SNOWSHOE) for those travelling to Arctic (SNOWSHOE),

12 Take possession of (FORECLOSE) job for bank (FORECLOSE),

13 Sweetheart (heart of swEet = E-) finds direction (direction North = -N-) to university (National University of Ireland = -NUI-) (ENNUI) out of boredom (ENNUI),

14 Prominent individual (LEADING LIGHT) provides key (key figure = LEADING figure) match (LIGHT) (LEADING LIGHT),

18 Joined (UNITED) France and Germany (STATES) (UNITED STATES) for the Americans (UNITED STATES),

21 One way of living (LONER) with recluse (LONER),

22 Near (near = ENRA-) deception I see (IC) to leave picture (picture without ‘ic’ = -PTURE) (ENRAPTURE) with delight (ENRAPTURE),

24 Sorted out Brian (Brian = – RAINB-) in case (case = B-OX) (BRAINBOX) of being too clever by half (BRAINBOX),

25 For a laugh (FUN-) Augustus (-GUS) (FUNGUS) gets mouldy (FUNGUS),

26 Faculty (S-ENSE) admits unique selling point (Unique Selling Point = -USP-) (SUSPENSE) leads to anticipation (SUSPENSE),

27 On the surface (VENEER) it’s never (never = VENE-R) engineered around Spain (-E-) (VENEER).


1 Fall (-FALL) behind northern county (County DOWN-) (DOWNFALL) with loss of power (DOWNFALL),

2 Is (-IS-) arranged (-ARR-) during the day (D-AY) (DISARRAY) for chaos (DISARRAY),

3 Sent out from constituency (constituency without ‘sent out’ = cnicy = CYNIC) for Thomas (doubting Thomas = CYNIC),

5 Find (-FIND-) behind oven (RANGE-) on hospital wards (ERs = -ERS) (RANGEFINDERS) measuring instruments for cameras (RANGEFINDERS),

6 Cricketer (BOWLER) goes on a head (HAT) (BOWLER HAT) from Derby (derby hat = BOWLER HAT),

7 Hawaii (-HI-) in twist (BE-ND) (BEHIND) running late (BEHIND),

8 Opens one’s eyes perhaps (EYELID) to me (me = I = EYE-), say, on cover (-LID) (EYELID),

11 There’s no love lost for wearer (FORGET-ME-NOTS) of plants with blue flowers (FORGET-ME-NOTS),

15 Lack of knowledge (IGNORANCE) leads to snub (IGNOR-E) over broken tin (tin = can = -ANC-) (IGNORANCE),

16 Make every effort (STRUGGLE) to get horse (-GG-) in chaotic result  (result = STRU-LE) (STRUGGLE),

17 Estimates the cost (ASSESSOR) of Jenny (ASS-) picking up unusual roses (roses = ESSOR) (ASSESSOR),

19 They get a spin in classroom (GLOBES) provided Belgium (Belgium = -BE-) mentioned in regulation logs (logs = GLO-S) (GLOBES),

20 They come with the wife (IN-LAWS) with trendy (IN-) orders (-LAWS) (IN-LAWS),

23 Public relations (PR-) on foreign article (-UNE) (PRUNE) is cut (PRUNE).